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Wanting to go for Round 2 of IVF

Hello 👋
So this is new to me so please be kind but I felt the need to reach out as I feel like I have no one to talk to. I will try and keep this short....
My husband and I were TTC for a few years and came up against various health issues with my OH so we had to go through IVF it was a grueling process and third time luckily we were finally blessed with our beautiful girl. We had to use donar sperm to create our little wonder.  I know my husband would have just accepted never being a parent (which kills me inside) given the news but I think he went through with it to complete my dreams. He is besotted with our daughter and says it's the best thing that's happened to him.
Anyway i feel sad because I desperately want to try for one more I always dreamed of two children and I feel like I'm grieving for my second child. My husband just isn't really interested but has said he will go through it for me to make me happy but I feel so incredibly selfish for wanting to go again knowing his heart isn't 100% in it. It pains me everytime I'm asked when and if I'm having another just want to scream at them sometimes!
I would would just love someone to talk to. Thanks for listening x


  • Hi @Mim_mill! Welcome and congrats on your daughter!! I recently went through Ivf and am currently pregnant 🤞 that it continues (our first round didn’t work) and I know how grueling the process is. I feel that you need to go with your heart! You already know what you’re signing up for and I feel like it makes you stronger. I’m pretty sure you will be a pro the second go around ;) Because you are willing to go through all of those steps for another pregnancy, I am sure you know what you want. I wonder if your husband is not totally on board bc he saw how exhausting the first IVF was? Maybe he feels bad that the burden mainly lays on you. My husband wasn’t excited about IVF, but once he realized I wasn’t giving up, he caved. As long as he’s not completely opposed to it, maybe set up that appointment to talk to your doctor with him. I don’t know your family but he may just feel so absolutely complete at the moment he doesn’t want to see you go through any strain. Like your daughter won him over, I’m pretty sure you know he would change his tune again ❤️ I’m here to talk anytime! Our fertility journey has felt like a long one and only working on our first. Fertility procedures can feel very lonely. It may have been the loneliest time in my life because I had no friends going through the same thing. Ultimately at the end of the day, we know what we want. You sound like a mom and should pursue your dreams. 💕💕💕
  • I just reread your first post! 3 rounds is commitment!! You absolutely are woman who carries much strength!!! I hope if you enter this next roller coaster ride, it’s the best ride of your life. 💕
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