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End of denial- Can I join you? Q about clomid

Hi Ladies,
I've been flitting between TTC and PCOS (but it's fairly quiet in there). After putting a couple of posts in TTC this week I've realised that I need to stop being in denial and face facts that seeing as I've been under the infertility clinic since dec I need to move house to this group haha.

I came off the pill last february (can't believe I'm approcahing the 12 month mark). I've only had one real AF in June.

I've been having bloods, a hycosy examination etc. The sonographer and Gp have said it PCOS but I haven't had an official confirmation or someone to look at the two together yet. I'm not due to go to the infertility clinic until April and feel like I'm just waiting af-less and bfp-less at the moment.

I've arranged a telephone appointment wiht my gp tomorrow so she can go over my results officially. Last time I spoke to her she said she would probably presecribe clomid after I'd been to the clinic. Has anyone else been given clomid by their gp/provera/metafornin by their gp? and if she offers me clomid should I approach it with caution- my friend did 2 rounds of it and said she wished they hadn't put her on it so quickly with you only having a limited number of attempts.

Thank you!

Hope xxx


  • Hi Sanguine,
    I've only had one AF whihc was back in June. And I had an AF 3 weeks ago after being given norisethene so I can gte some bloods done. My initial bloods with the gp showed problems between fsh and lh and then my hycosy showed cysts-I'm not ovulating or having an AF.

    I'd be quite keen to start the clomid but would I need provera too? I'm a little apprehensive as I've heard some people say it's fabulous- I know someone who had all 3 kids from it and yet one of my closest friends has undiagnosed infertility and is about to approach her 3rd round of IVF. She said to make sure I'm ready and know what I'm doing with it etc otherwise it can be a bit of a wasted opportunity.

    Think I'm also a little bit worried about whether my DH will get into the whole which days etc but after a long chat yesterday I think he's starting to realise how desperate I am and that it's not all just going to sort itself out- he looks on the bright side but sometimes fails to see the big fatold pc ovaries altogether haha. I don't think he realises that it's a viscous circle that te longer it's taking the more frustrated/stressed/fragile I'm getting.

    Having said that because I'd had the noristhene and the hycosy I was hoping maybe it would have kicked my body into action so I did make sure we bd'd on the right days. I'm now on day 23 since the bleed for norisethene and I had convinced myself I'd ov'd and was all set for a bfp but I don't think either are gonna happen without the clomid.

    Thanks for the good advice xx
  • Hello and welcome to the board!
    I think Sanguine has answered most of your questions but I just wanted to say hi. I think I replied to one of your threads in PCOS but in a nutshell I too have been afless since mc in feb. I was diagnosed with PCOS in Oct and have just started Clomid after a round of Provera to bring on a bleed.

    Let me know if you've any more questions honey - you never know it could still be your turn this month!! Good luck
  • Thank you ladies you've put my mind at ease- as ever. The clomid for 18mths case is reassurin as I have been panicking about there being a limit- perhaps they are more leniant with pcos if it works in making you ovulate. I think not telling the DH in as many words as definately the way forward. xx
  • Hi again Hope. I'm in a v similar position to you as you know. I've kind of set up camp here in lttc quietly as being on ttc gets me down a bit! I think the Clomid is worth a go, maybe see how you get on with a low dose and whether you have side effects and if it works for you. You're right about having to be ready for it, but for me with almost no chance of ovulating naturally I think personally I have to try it- at least I'll feel proactive like we're trying something positive. Otherwise like you say it's waiting around, AF-less and BFP-less with nothing to aim for. If you try and read up about Clomid as much as possible you'll be in a good position to start it, if that's what you decide to do.

    Good luck with everything xx
  • Well I spoke to my gp but it felt like a waste of time. She said the hospital blood tests showed exactly the same as the one she did problem with lh and repeated that the scan showed pcos too. She also said the day 21 I had this week showed I hadn't ovulated- I was completely convinced I was having ovulation pains and pmt etc. She said she can't do anything I'll just have to wait until my hospital appointment in April or try to get a cancellation. It just seems so long away! It made me think if you had an ear infection or something they wouldn't see go back home and just carry on as normal there's a teeny chance it might fix itself if not then come back in 3 months. Sorry for the rant I just feel so useless and like I'm going to be wishing time away til April- because it's not a specialist I also don't wana buildup my hopes that I'll get the clomid then (as my gp said) in case they want to wait to give me af etc first. I've also heard 'because it's not cancer...' and 'at least it's not ovarian cancer' a couple of times this week and whilst I would never want to compare then myself in the same sentence (my mum had breast cancer twice at 36) it makes me mad when people say that. Sorry for the rant, I'm just trying to cope with waiting at the moment and I'm really getting frustrated with the whole way the nhs deal with things xx
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