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Does anyone ever put on weight when there due to ovulate?

I know most people do when AF is due but my last 2 cycles i've noticed that i seem to put it on around ov time. last month i put half a stone on. I lost it again the week after but its annoying.

I also think i'm due to ov this week and i've put at least 4 pound on despite being on slimming world and being good.

Just wondered if anyone else is the same.


  • I definitely feel heavier around the abdomen when I ov but not sure I put lots of weight on because I don't weigh myself at the moment at all. Half a stone sounds a lot - that would take me a year to lose so you're lucky it goes in a week :lol:
  • lol it doesn't go in a week when i'm normally dieting. i wish.

    thats what makes me wonder if people gain weight during ov with me gaining it and losing it so quickly.
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