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HSG and pregnant after it?

anyone have any scoop on this- my doctor told me that often after this test women get their BFP- just tying to keep my PMA up for this month- as I had the test earlier in the month and all was clear- just curious?




  • Hi Ally,

    Glad your HSG was clear. How was it? I found it excruciating!!!
    I did get my first BFP that cycle, in November 2008, only to m/c at 7wks. I think it is a well known phenomenon.

    Good luck for testing. Think I'm right in saying you're due the 29th? I'm due the 30th-did SMEP this month!!! Seems to have worked for some. Fingers crossed for us both xxx
  • oh good luck to you this month!!! sorry about your m/c- yes due af 29th- really would love to see a BFP!! didn't do the smep this month- but have lots of pma going into this cycle!!! I didn't really mind it- the cramping was bad for me for a while but the procedure only took like 3 min- super fast! hoping it worked!!!!! are you gonna test early??
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