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11 days late bfn (always on time), Plz help 😣

Hi, this is my first post in a long time!

We have been ttc #2 for 5 years and have had numerous tests and tried clomid also. We had decided 2 months ago to give up and enjoy what we have, and had a lovely holiday abroad relaxing for 14 days during ovulation. 

This month however I'm 11 days late (I am always regular and latest I have ever had in years is 3 days) I have took 8 tests including a first response all but one have been bfn.

I just want af to arrive or a bfp so I know what's going on with my body. 
Has anyone else had this before and had a late bfp? 


  • Hi there hope you’re okay, 

    i hope your AF has arrived or even better a BFP if not i would suggest taking seven seas trying to conceive as i think all the stress affects your hormones these last few months my periods were late but the first month i used the seven seas my period came 3/4 dayss earlier which I prefer because i hate waiting around thinking could it be it. 
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