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Heard some lovely news today :-)

Hi Ladies

I found out today that a work colleauge is pregnant and I am sooo happy for her

They have the same probs as me and hubby and have I been speaking to her about our probs as we are going for our first appt. next week at the hospital

Her and her hubby had 2 goes of ICSI which sadly failed but she has now fallen naturally and is due in Feb. It's so lovely to hear that after everything they have been through they are having a baby and it has really given me hopeimage I feel really teary about it but it's such wonderful news

She also told me when there was no one else around and isn't planning on telling anyone else for a few weeks, which I thought was really sweet of her. I guess when you have gone through ltttc you are more sensitive to other people

Just thought I would share xx


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