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For those who remember her

Natty Nik has had her baby. Little early and she is in an incubator but her bump buddy in Due in Jan is reporting otherwise all well. Hope no one minds me posting, she has been a good friend to me on here and I know she has helped a few others out in the past too so thought some of you might want to know xx


  • Oh wow,

    She has been a wonderful support to me too.

    Please send her my love if you are in touch with her xxx
  • hey socks,

    hope you don't mind me g/c but just wanted to echo what laujai has said. wonderful news and please also send my love if you are in contact with her, so pleased all is well.

    ruth xx (was kristen77 in TTC after MC)
  • Will do girls xx
  • Oh wow, thanks socks! What lovely news as what a journey she has been on. Hoping everything is ok with Baby Roo, glad she is finally here even if a little early.

  • Thanks Socks,
    That is great news! So pleased she's finally got her little bundle xxx
  • Just gatecrashing and saw this....

    Thank you so much socks for you lovely, kind post and to you all for your messages and congratulations :\)

    Yes, it was a long hard road but worth every heartache and all the tears.

    I know how difficult it is and there were times when I thought we would never get here. Never give up hope ladies and I really hope you are all celebrating the birth of your own babies in 2010.

    Love NN and Olyvia, 6 days old xxx
  • Your welcome NN, she is lovely xx
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