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2WW! 5th Cylce! any positive stories out there?


Im in my 2ww of my 5th cycle of clomid. Took a break after 4th cycle as think I developed a cyst. I also get sooooo tired on clomid - any of you lot the same? I just cant seem to get a good nights sleep - Im up and down all night. Im on clomid because I have PCOS. I have a lovely little boy called leo who is five now who came about sort of accidently so I was so surprised when we found we had problems getting pregnant 2nd time round. I thought I must have been really fertile as we were actually trying not to get pregnant. Wayne my husband has had his swimmers tested and he is fine. After the fourth cylce of 50g clomid (day 2 to day 6) didnt work and I was left with a cyst I was really down. I had also put on a bit of weight so thought I would take a break from the clomid over christmas and new year and use the opportunity to lose some weight - I have lost a stone! Im hoping this will help my chances of conceiving. So here I am now on my 5th cycle of clomid with everything crossed that this will be the lucky cycle for us. I do feel a little helpless. I have a scan around day 12 of my cycle and this cycles scan showed I have two follicles of 16mm and the lining of my uterus was 6.5. The nurse seemed to think this was good. I had the injection to induce ovulation and we were told to do IT on the following fri night and sat morning - which obviously we did. Any of you out there in the same boat? Any success stories on cylce 5 to keep me positive? x x x


  • Didn't want to read and run, can't help sorry I'm not on clomid but wanted to wish you all the luck in the world, and sending you a load of PMA and sticky baby dust image xx
  • Hi

    I am new to this, its my first time.... although I am not new at TTC. I have been trying for my 2nd for 5 years, my first is a lovely, lively little boy who came along quite unexpectedly after 5 years of trying.

    I started my first round ofClomid today and am both really excited and nervous all at the same time.

    So any advice or support would be gartefully received.

    'Foxy78 ' Good luck, thinking of you and have my fingers crossed :0)
  • Hi Foxy78

    Wow, i too am on my 5th clomid cycle and now officially on my 2ww thanks to a +OPK (2 actually) on Friday!

    Like you i am so tired on Clomid and up and down all night. I am also so hot then really cold. I wake my poor hubby up every night either chucking the covers off me on to him, or pulling them off him onto me :lol:

    I do not get scans to see whats going on down there, so i can only pray & hope it may work.

    Good Luck, and fingers crossed for you. Let me know how it goes.

    TT x
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