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Been to doc's

Well went to the doc's today as periods are still all over the place and pretty non existant.
And he was so nice!! took all my concerns seriously and agreed that after 9mths there may be something else going on so has arranged for me to get blood tests done.
I know its not an answer yet but finally feel like i might be getting some where!

He's testing for just about everything, usual hormone stuff plus thyroid, diabeates, kidneys, liver and also wants to check out my Rubella imunisation level as well.

the only down side from today is that he was only a locum doc so when i go back i will need to see someone different, and i'm not so keen on some of the other doc's at the practise.

So feeling really positive and really have cheered up!! :\)


  • heya

    it seems you are goin thru the same as me!!
    i had a mmc and am nw on month 9ttc. my periods are all over the place so i went to da dr nd he is doin tests on me and oh.
    wen r u due to have ur tests done? mine are bein done in 11 days!!

    good luck
  • Fantastic news that they are looking into possible issues and doing tests. If they show something up the other docs will have to take you seriously. Good luck hun and hope they get you sorted soon. Sx
  • got an appointment for the 3rd October, so yeah about the same time as you Luc86, you'll need to keep me updated!!
    Its my nephews birthday that day o hoping that's a good luck charm!!

    Slow hope your getting better every day!

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