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PCOS and procedures

just wandered if you ladies with PCOS were given laparoscopies and other procedures first or wether you were given clomid to try first?

I was diagnosed as having PCOS by ultrasound scan and when these results were back with my GP she prescribed me clomid. I just didnt know wether this waas the usual route that was taken.



  • Hi Sweetie,

    I think it is extremely dependent on your doctor, when I was diagnosed my doctor just sent me away with metformin and said come back when we have been trying for 2 years! I think I have read of other women on here who have been prescribed clomid before a laparoscopy, although I could be wrong!

    I hope the clomid works for you X
  • I have had PCOS since the age of 25 i am now 35 found out by a scan,  me and my husband have been trying to get pregnant for a year and half i have been on clomid now for 5 months but no luck

  • Hi

    I have PCOS and have had it for years my GP wouldn't do anything but I went to see a specialist and he gave me Metformin and I have tried Clomid a number of times with no success, however each person is different!

    I have been through IVF 3 times and just failed again this month.

    I wish you all the best though!

    Oh, My specialist recommended DHEA as a suppliment to help improve egg numbers an quality it must have worked as in my last round of IVF I had 37 eggs, 25 fertilised, 23 to blasts, 2 put back on a 5DT and 4 to freeze!  Might be worth a try!

    My previous attempts with no DHEA I only had 2 Blasts each time and none to freeze with initial eggs of 12 & 18 respectively!


    Good luck!


  • thanks for sharing that hollychops its interesting to read everyone elses story, ive got my fingers crossed at the moment as im 7 days late going to do a test tomorrow

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