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Now one of my pupil's is pregnant

I have just found out that one of my ex pupils who left school last year is about to have her baby anyday!! Seems very unfair as she is only 17 and heres me over 11 years older and still no baby!!! Life is certainly unfair at times.


  • Oh muffin, me too, im a socail worker and half my teenagers are pregnant from one night stands. It sucks.

    Did you see my post, im joining you back here :cry:
    Life really sucks.

    Gem x
  • Hey Muffin, that must be such a tough thing to stomach (and you Gem). Especially after what you've both just been through. These things seem to be sent to test is just unfair.

    Been wanting to contact you Muffin and see how how you're managing? Have been thinking of you loads and am just so so gutted for you. Sending big hugs your way sweetie xxx
  • Aww muffin I know how you feel. I'm a teacher too and have a sixth former who has a baby and I know of others. I often find myself looking at kids in my class too whose parents don't really bother with them and it depresses me because I feel like some people don't deserve it.
    Sorry to hear that Gem xx
  • Oh how [email protected]@dy annoying. I bet she's not thinking she's lucky though - I certainly wouldn't have wanted to be a teenage mum (or even one in my 20s - maybe that's where I went wrong!). I've just seen another pregnancy announcement on Facebook - someone I don't think is in the best relationship (actually my sister's friend) - it's all so frustrating!x
  • Grrr how annoying .
    Why is so much easier for some people????
    I see it all the time in my job too and it really gets my goat!
  • tbd thanks for your thoughts! I have been thinking about you and your precious bundle too!

    It is [email protected]@dy annoying mrsj36 and Mrs DAO! As Hope09 and gem can properly say too it was prop conceived in the local wood whilst standing up and drunk! Heres us having little if any alcohol and lying on our beds with our bums in the air for hours!!image Got asked by one of the pupils yesterday if I was going to have any children as they thought I would make a great mum! Took me all my time not to cry although was very touched! It will be us soon with big fat pg bellies!!!!!
  • Oh hun hope your ok. Yours and GEM's job must be really hard. My world is male dominated and it would probably be better for those in it if I were never pregnant so I don't get that hassle. I recon if my test show we can't conceive I am going to take the results to my boss and ask for a payrise on account of never taking maternity leave. Why is life so pants huh! The pupils are right though sweetie, you will make a great mum one day xxx hope your doing ok xxx
  • Hi Hun,

    Saw this on the front page and am g/c from ttc after m/c and ectopic.

    I'm a childcare solicitor and one of my clients has just had her 8th child, all in care. First case I dealt with after my ectopic and had to try very hard to keep it together x x
  • Had to teach reproduction today to a year 9 group. Thought about leaving it for later in the year but the class have been so looking forward to it plus I couldn't think of any other excuse apart from the truth - couldn't really say we had run out of equipment!!! They were hilarious though and asked me lots of very amusing questions! I was almost crying from laughing by the end of the lesson! Certainly one to remember!!
  • I've taught sex ed too - honestly it is sooo funny. The questions crack me up! Glad they cheered you up hon!
  • It's just typical isnt it hun!!! Not much more to add on the above really.

    Like mrsj36 I have seen a fb announcement of a pg from my bro's friends gf, there always on & off living together then not & so on & so on, annoys me was really angry about it!!! x
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