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*Advice wanted pls*

Hi image
Just wanted some advice... Me and hubby have been TTC for 13 months now and nothing, was thinking of going to the docs, just wondering whats happens after that with tests etc, what process will they follow?
Am a bit scared of docs hence me asking,


  • Hi, they do advise if you have been trying to conceive for 12 months or more to go to your doctor. First thing you will have done is a day 21 blood test to see if you're ovulating. if it shows that you are they will then probably refer you to a consultant where they will then check if your tubes are clear by a procedure called in short hycosy where they insert dye into your tubes and scan you at the same time so that they can see the dye flushing through your tubes. They will then possibly offer you clomid firstly, then IUI which you can get 3 goes on the NHS, after that they would probably go down the IVF route, Many women get pregnant well before this stage! Hope this helps, Have you considered reflexology/hypnotherapy? as TTC is stressful in itself which adds to the problem.
    Hope this helps.
    Got everything crossed for you.x
  • Thanks for that ladies...I've been putting off going to th docs. Do really need to ring and get an appointment tho, the sooner I go,the quicker we can find out if there's a problem! No not tried hypnotherapy or reflexology, have u?x
  • Hi soph13

    i came on to post the exact same questions as you. Ive had day 21 tests done which tests for everything, everything came back fine except didn't show i was ovulating. However my docs have done no more so im phoning tomorrow to make another appointment as its been 12 months now. Ive had reflexology and it is very relaxing and some do believe it can help with pregnancy but if you do fall pregnant you have to stop it until after 6 months. I came off pill 2 years ago and starting ttc in May last year and had regular periods for over a year and now they seem to be a bit haywire!!

    Baby dust to all. xx
  • I rang the docs today and they cant get me an appointment till at least nexr week so gonna have to ring back then and see if i can get one! What do the day 21 tests test for then?
  • I rang docs today too and got an appointment for 6th May, wouldn't need to be desperate!!! Well they said 21 day tests check your liver kidneys etc are all functioning properly and that you are ovulating. xx
  • Hi Sophie, I had both and It seemed to have done the trick! after years of infertility and IVF we now have a 5 month old Son through IVF, who is worth everything that we went through in triplicate!
    I wish you all the best and never ever give up hope. x
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