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does any1 need to go abroad for treatment?

bit of a crappy day yesterday!! we had our first appointment at the ACS UNIT and it was a big fat waste of time !!!! i need donor eggs to have a baby and the doc told us tha no1 is donating there eggs in this country and the waiting list was sooo long that we will never reach the front of it !!! sooooo he told us that we would be better to go to spain for the treatment as they dont have waiting lists because the law is different and they pay the donors so they have insentive so theres 1000s of people donating eggs all the time !!! i didnt stop crying yesterday .......i just feel iv been hoping and praying for good news or some hope at this appointment for nearly 2 years then to go in and be told its no use waiting in this country and to go to spain !!
does any1 else have to do or have done this ??? if you have any tips im all ears image

thanks xx


  • Oh I am so sorry this must be such a blow.
    Probably daft suggestion but private clinics like the london bridge
    offer free reduced treatment fees to ladies who donate spare eggs if they are under 35. Not sure if your clinic was NHS so perhaps if you can afford it this might be a way?

    Good luck

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  • I'm sorry to hear your news, that must be so hard. Are you looking for NHS treatment or can you go private? As J-Jenko says there are definitely clinics that can help privately in the UK - I know of one actively asking people to contact them because their waiting list for people needing eggs is short, but I guess that doesn't help if you need NHS treatment. Is time on your side and could you look at saving up to pay for private treatment in a few years time?

  • the clinic i was at was nhs ....... were saving now for private treatment but as the barcalona clinic has no waiting list at all and the law there is better than ours as there egg donors are anon. so our kids could not one day decide to find there "genetic mother " that would break my heart ...... plus the egg donors have insentive to give as they get 900euros everytime they donate ...... i think i might be warming to the idea image

    how long are waiting lists on private clinics in uk ??
  • This is the one I was refering to... Not our clinic so I don't know how good it is but I have a friend who is going there and seems to think it's fine. On that front page they're actually asking for people to contact them if they need eggs, so I guess the waiting list isn't too bad.

    Lots of luck.

  • Im so sorry to hear about the news hun ((big hugs))
    I think its abit insensitive for your Cons to say you would never reach the top of the list for an egg donor... as i've read tons and tons of stories of women donating their eggs and successful pregnancies...
    Like the ladies have already done, i would look into egg sharing programmes at clinics in the UK. I was previously at Leicester AU (as recommended by DG) now moved to Nottingham and my new clinic also has an egg sharing programme.

    Regarding your child finding there genetic mother.. is another reason i think its better to have TX in the UK because to start egg sharing scheme there you are required to go through counselling and there is the 'green form' that is completed by the donor... its not purely the child finding their genetic parent... it takes into account inherited medical issues, personality traits, height, etc etc (things that any person would want to know). There are loads of discussions online over whether to tell the child or not..... but it is the birth parents decision.

    I would ultimately look into private egg sharing programmes in the UK. Waiting list is usually dependent on the clinic and your origin.
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