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So what happens next?

I had 21 day bloods that all come back fine, dh is doing SA at the end of the month. Af is on jet way and it's on to cycle 14. If hubbys sa comes back fine then why happens next? This is all being done with the gp, will they refer is on to a proper clinic? Because in all honesty. They don't know what they are talking about!!! Xx


  • The thing is we are not eligable for any treatment on the nhs as hubby already has a child. I feel like giving up. Will we even get refered? X
  • I was at the doctor yesterday and have my 21 day bloods on 4th May. She gave us a pot for hubby's SA, which he intends to hand in the day I get my blood test (only for the simple reason he wants me to go with him, and it's probably the only day I'll be able to blag some extra time off work to go with him!).

    She said that if they come back normal, we can have a chat with her about what happens next, as I am almost 34 and have been trying for over a year now, and may well refer us on for further tests.

    If the results come back with more investigation needed, then she will refer us, and did warn us that it does take some time, and they are never in a hurry to take referrals at the hospital.

    She said that it takes time as often women will fall pregnant and are relaxed a bit more with the initial anxiety of seeking help...... I don't intend to offend anyone with this somment, just quoting what she said, and I'm not totally sure I believe her!!! If there's a problem, there's a problem.

    She was quite reassuring that we weren't wasting her time by seeking help.

    Good luck
  • I just read my pct guidelines.we are not eligible for ivf/iui, does that also cover clomid? X
  • Hello

    As I understand it usually having a child doesn't stop them investigating you, just excludes you from the NHS cycle for IVF/IUI. A friend of mine was given clomid on NHS even tho they already had a child and our PCT is quite strict. xx
  • Hi BP,

    Just to let you know what happened with us. We went to our GP 2 years ago and he did the tests that you already had and they came back fine. He referred us to the assisted conception unit for further tests and in the time we were waiting (about 2 months i think) I got pg. Unfortunately it wasn't meant to be and lost the baby at 8 weeks. A year later I have just gone through this cycle again. Back to the GP for blood tests and now we have had our first appointment at the clinic. Unfortunately they are now finding things wrong but I have not had a proper follow up yet so hopefully this will not hold us back from getting pg natually again (or maybe just a little clomid needed!)

    This TTC lark can be very random, but I guess the point of my post was to say that people do get preg once they are referred and waiting for appointments - there are cancellations all the time because people get pg and drop off the list so don't give up hope or it happening naturally xx
  • HI,

    I have just had the third lot of tests done today.

    First tests (21 day tests and hubby's sperm analysis) both came back fine and showed I am ovulating and hubby has a good count per sperm. We were then refered to the fertility clinic at the hospital for further tests. This was 2 weeks later.

    We then went to the clinic and they had our 'case folder' ready and waiting and they asked all sorts of questions inc BD frequency, previous pregnancies, drinking and smoking habits and of course cycle history. Once they did this, (and on the same day), they performed an internal test including scans of my ovaries and womb. They all came back fine. The doctor then booked us in for the next test (which I had today).

    On the 2 day of my cycle, I had to have more blood taken to check for Rubella, Hep B and C, and other things (which I can't remember the name of). They drew out 6 tubes of blood!. I have had to book a day to have an xray taken (this has to be done from end of period to ovulation. I am having this done next week. They will insert a liquid dye into my fallopian tubes and then xray them to make sure there are no blockages. I have been given anitbiotics to ensure I don't get any infections. At the same time, hubby has to have a second load of sperm tested as the motility in the first load was a bit low but they said this can be normal as it depends on how quickly it was tested after it was produced (the first load had to be transported from one hospital to another). He has had to wait 70 days from one test to another as they said it's how long it takes for the body to 'produce a fresh batch'.

    Once this is done, we have to go back in for results and providing these are all ok, the next test will be the post coital one where we have to go in on the morning after BDing to see if the sperm is swimming ok and not being 'rejected'.

    Doesn't it all sound like fun? !

    Good luck.

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