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  • Oh my god how brilliant is that..... I bet your in shock I can't image how I will feel when it happens to us.... congratulations honey you really deserve it.... so spill the beans what did you do different this month???
  • Mummywannabe

    Congratulations and here's to a healthy and happy 9 months!

    Did you try anything different this month?

    Take Care

    Congratulations you deserve it, looks like the clomid worked.

    So happy for you.

    jen xx
  • oooohh I come back from a few day's away and look what happens image

    Congratulations Mrs... I am so pleased for you.

  • That's brilliant news, CONGRATULATIONS. Hope you have a very happy and healthy pregnancy x:\)
  • fantastic, congraulations
  • yay congratulations to you and your OH.
    take care and sticky babydust
    Filo x
  • Woohoo

    Congratulations honey!!! Have a fantastic 9 months!!! xxxx
  • Oh wowsa!!! I just saw this - absoloutely heuge congratulations.

    Has it sunk in yet lol!!!?

    Wel - I wish you both all the best and a happy and healthy 9 months!!

  • OMG OMG OMG. The biggest congratulations in the world to you babe. I've actually gone all goose pimply when i read that. You must be over the moon. What a fab birthday present for tomorrow (i think its tommorrow?!)

    Hope you have a happy and healthy 9 months. You're not aloud to disappear totally from here though as its nice to have a local familiar name popping up now and again.

    I am so over the moon for you.

  • Congratulations!

    Absolutely thrilled for you - well deserved xx
  • Awwww thanks you guys!!!!!!!!!

    Yes I did do stuff differently this month!

    I took vitamins - tried to do what Marilyn Glenville suggests - so took a pregnacare, extra b complex and zinc and LOTS of vit C - if you google her you'll find her website - I bought her book! And Vit C is especially supposed to help those on clomid!!!

    I also stayed away from meat - ate the occasion chicken stuff - all for the first two weeks - have slipped in the last week as have fancied sausages and couldn't resist - but on the whole I stayed away from Red Meat - even though it's nearly killed - the amount of barbeques and!!!

    Other that that - not really changed anything - used ov sticks this month.

    Am still in shock - as still getting AF pain - so worried af will come!

    I felt different this time as I had pains to either side - not all over - and kind of different to af pains! I have been peeing like you wouldn't believe - even though sometimes I haven't even had a drink in between pees!!! Peeing in the night!!!
    i have felt sick on and off but nothing major, got a sore throat monday - which calmed down yesterday and is gone today. Boobs don't really hurt that much - just lots of af pain - and it felt liked I'd pulled a muscle down there when I've sneezed or laughed a couple of times!!!

    Oh and I cried at deal or no deal the other day wehn he only had a tenner in his!!!!

    Thank you to everyone - I'm not rushing off just yet as I don't quite believe it - plus I'd miss you all!!!!

    After 18 months - it's finally happened!!!!


  • I nearly cried when he only had a tenner in his box on deal or no deal! He turned 15 grand down! Bet his wife killed him when he got home..
  • Huge congratulations - what absolutely lovely news!
  • this is such great news.
    i'm so happy for you.

    is this the second on this long term board then?

    who's gonna be the 3rd? lol

    maybe its gonna start a streak on the long term board. fingers crossed for everybody.

    hope everything goes well for you. xxx
  • Hi- I've been heeping up with things on this forum for a while now, but only just plucked up the courage to write anything!. My husband and I have been TTC for 9 months now- and as I've seen a lot of other people write- it seems as though everybody else in the entire world who could be pregnant is!! So I just wanted to say congratulations as it's so encouraging to see when things work out when it's not been quite so straight forward. Hope you have a great 9 months and enjoy every minute of it:\)
  • Absolutely fantastic news!!!!!!! Congratulations 2 you both.
    We've also been tryin for 9months so news like this always good to hear - well done you xxxxxx
  • Thats brilliant news! Congratulations!!!xxx
  • YAAAAYYYYY MWB!! Congratulations hunny, Im so pleased for you. Have a h&h pg, tons of sticky babydust to you *~*~*~*~*~* xx;1;10719;27/st/20080828/l/26/dt/5/k/916a/ttc.png

  • Hi Mel

    Well, we have already conversed by text today but thought i had better join longterm ttc before you scoot off!!!! We have chatted thorugh so much over the past 18 months that i am so delighted for you. Many congrats to you and T, has it sunk in yet?????

    Suppose we wont be starting our own thread here after all :cry:

    lots of love, bluebird xxxx
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