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Please could you lovely girls share some of your wisdom?

I'm due to start Clomid in March due to PCO and no AF for 5 months. On Monday I start Provera to being on a bleed and am booked in for a HyCoSy soon after. All through these last 5 months I've had occasional EWCM, heavy boobs, ov symptoms but haven't oved (checked by bloods and obviously no AF)...

For the last 3 days I've had lots of EWCM and swollen boobs, bloated tummy so I'm wondering (fantasising?) if maybe I am ovulating this time. Hubby and I have had a break from BD for the last week as it didn't seem worth it- IYKWIM- but if I am ov-ing should we have a go? Or will the Provera just wash any early pregnancy away?

I know that this sounds obsessive and silly but it seems a shame to waste a chance of conceiving... what do you think?


  • I would go with sparkly flump also maybe try some opks, can't hurt xxx good luck xx
  • Just to let you know if there is any chance of pg when you go for your HGC they wont do it. We were told to use other protection or abstain until after it was done when I had mine. Just something to think about, could mean you have to wait another month for your test XX
  • Thanks guys. I don't know if I did the right thing but had the strongest feeling I was ov-ing, so went for it. Then (tmi) bd felt different, like my cervix was lower down and when hubby *finished* nothing came out so I think maybe the cervix was open? I know someone on ttc got their bfp after they noticed the same thing happened.

    The HyCoSy isn't for 2 1/2 weeks so I'd have a reliable poas result by then, but is it still safe to take the provera? It's only progesterone and that's naturally present in pregnancy so I assume it's ok to take it for 5 days as planned, if we have been lucky I won't bleed and then will get a bfp before the HyCoSy and obviously cancel it... if it's a bfn go ahead with the procedure?
  • When I had my hsg I had to sign something saying I'd not bd'd since my last period so if I was you I'd cancel it as they really won't do it if there's ANY chance you could be pregnant. Also it has to be within a certain amount of time from your last period and if it's in another 2 1/2 weeks then I think that's too late - I had mine 12 days after af started. (If it is HSG you're having - I'm not sure if you're talking about the same thing!)
    Good luck though - hope it worked this month!x
  • Hmm ok, I'll ring the fertility unit tomorrow and ask what they think. When I booked in for the test they just said to avoid sex from when I start the Provera which is today and to do a pg test before the HyCoSy, but I'll check with them just in case :\)
  • Also it has to be within a certain amount of time from your last period and if it's in another 2 1/2 weeks then I think that's too late - I had mine 12 days after af started.

    Oops no sorry, they have scheduled in the HyCoSy for 2 1/2 weeks time to give me 5 days on Provera starting today, then time to have AF and it to finish before the procedure is done.

    Last night I kept asking hubby, 'are you SURE you *finished* because I can't see any of it coming out!'image
  • Sorry to gatecrash Kitten Mittens, I can't offer any advice on this but just wanted to ask a question as I am having the same problems with missed periods. Did you ever test positive for ovulation on a missed period month?
  • Hi Kittenmittens,
    Hope things are going ok. I went for my hycosy a couple of weeks ago. i remember speaking to you about it as I was worried it might be my only cycle in ages and I could be running it with the hycosy. My advice would be to have the hycosy. I had to use protection up until the day of it.I would say at least if you've had it they can see what's happening and what to do with the different hormones.I know what you mean about worrying about missing any opportunity and thinking what if this month is meant to be THE month xxx
  • Hi Sarah, well I haven't had a period for 5 months now (been off the pill for 8 months) dues to polycystoc ovaries. I have been very confused about possible ov due to random ewcm, ov pains, sicky feeling, sore boobs etc. Also even more confused by an internal ultrasound 2 months ago that showed I had ovulated due to appearance of the womb lining and copus luteum, followed by no AF and bfn. Still no AF. I've never used ov sticks as clearly there's no point. I'm finding it hard emotionally as I've been told it's unlikely I'll ov again without Clomid- I have over 40 cysts on EACH ovary :cry:

    Fertility unit said to do another test on the day of the hycosy and if it's bfn to go ahead. I'm scared of what they'll find and also of hubby's SA next week, but it has to be done!
  • Yeah I know what you mean about the hycosy. I had been tricking myself into thinking it might prevent a bfp or af and mess things up further. The sonogropher assured me that they only use a natural solution that is present in your body anyway so it isn't harmful. Once they have all the information from both yu and your hubby it will give them a better chance to plan a more effective way of sorting everything out and getting you closer to your BFP- or that's what I keep telling myself xxx
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