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So fed up :(

Hi, been TTC for a year now, i know a lot of you have been trying for longer and i hope i don't appear insensitive but its just becoming so disheartening. I thought we'd been doing everything right, went through months of not worrying about it so it cant be that, tried OPKs, still nothing. My friend has a 1 year old and has just found out she's pg with her 2nd after TTC for 1 month and i am happy for her, just wished it was that easy for me and DH.
Got an appt at the docs tomorrow and i expect she'll tell me not to worry and keep trying, which is fine i suppose, just wish she'd give me some magic none fail suggestion of how to get pg! Sorry to go on, just seems to get harder each month doesn't it?xx


  • hey hon, im sorry to hear your really feeling down. it didnt sound insensitive so dont worry, like you say alot of us on here have been trying longer than that,so we all have been through these emotions and clearly still do. it is really hard but keep in mind that every single person on here wants the same thing and at some point feels the same too. that is what keeps me going, this site is the most amazing thing ive been involved in. i love everyone on here and especially this long term forum as everyone is in same boat and all have very different expertise, so i suggest talk to everyone and it will definatly help. but remember why your donig all this- FOR A LOVELY BABY!!!! on days when im really low i imagine gonig shopping with a huge bump and seeing ppl look at me, it keeps me motivated in why im putting myslef through al lthis. im here if you wanna chat any time, doesnt have to be about ttc. anything at all!!!
  • Hey you - looking at dates then you're havingyour docs appointment today - me too!

    I'm on my way there in a minute, then out for dinner, so I might not get back on here tonight, but will try to catch up with you tomorrow - swap notes?

    Wishing you good luck, and lots of babydust x x
  • Hi both, thanks for your replies. Gypsy, hope everything went well at the docs? Will chat to you about it tomorrow sometime? My doc was so helpful. Wants to see DH to chat and get a SA test, she said she'll do that first cos its a lot less invasive than the tests i'd have to go through. She has also done some blood forms for me for FSH on CD3 and progesterone levels on CD19. Hope all went well with you. How long you been trying?x
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