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Hi im new to this part ladies! On your 1st fertility appointment how quick do they give u medication for clomid if they will put u down to that route and what is most benefical to you? And is it only for 3 cycles? Im in the uk. Can you also put it on hold and start it when you can as my partner will be going away on and off with work for a few months


  • Hi there I don’t have a success story but me any my husband are in the same position. We have been TTC for the last 4 years and had no luck my periods are all over the place haven’t had one since may, we have been referred to our fertility clinic but I just have a feeling they won’t give us anything until I bring my bmi down which is very hard considering I have cut out fizzy drinks, energy drinks, carbs chocolate and crisps etc but there is still no change in my weight. 
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