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Good sturdy travel cot, the basinette is fantastic for a newborn as they're not down low and you can reach them easy. Change station was great, as was the night light, I wouldn't have been without it. I never used the music or the vibrating mattress, I didn't see the need for them. Travel cot is rather on the heavy side and appears bulkier than most others I've seen.


  • A great travel cot that we actually used for a while as our main cot. Easy to assemble but the only slight downside is that it is fairly heavy. Would recommend for those planning on using it quite often.
  • I have stopped bleeding!!!!!!

    After 4 months of constant bleeding/spotting fingers crossed i seem to have stopped bleeding!!!! Yay!!! Hopefully i'm not tempting fate but i'm just so happy its stopped for a bit!!!

    Will be going into month 14 next month and also have gyne appointment on the 18th so hopefully i can finally get some answers and get so,me help!!!

    PMA over load today ladies!!!!!
  • Yay thats fab news lilac. What a relief that must be. Hope the gynea can shed some light and give you some clear answers. Good luck with that. Sx
  • That's good news Lilac.

    Fingers crossed its your turn next.

    Mrs WBxx
  • Fantabulous news sweetie. Sorry I haven't emailed for a while, work is getting in the way and my 'puter had a virus so had no work 'puter whilst it went to the hospital!

    I'll try and send u a note later
  • Hi lilac, just popped in to get an update about you ladies.

    So glad the bleeding has stopped. Hope this is a turning point for you hun. xx
  • Oh God lilac, 4mths of bleeding? Bless you hunny. So glad it has stopped for you. loads of luck with your gynae appt hun x
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