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Im 24 years old, trying to conceive. I was diagnosed with pcos in this Feb. Now im taking metformin and krimson 25(birth control pill). What are my chances of conception after completing my third month birth control pills with 1500 mg metformin a day?

Please share your views.


  • HI HON didnt want to read and run, im afraid i dont have any experience on this subject but really hope that you will find lots of others who can help you. love Mrs E xx
  • Hi Apurish,

    I didn't want to r & r but I agree with Sanguine that the birth control pill seems counter-productive if you are ttc? I came off the pill 18 months ago and I have just been diagnosed with PCOS. I start metformin next cycle and am having acupuncture. There are no certainities in terms of your chances I'm afraid.

    Have you had a blood test to see if you are ovulating? No woman ovulates every cycle which is why they say you have a 25% of conceiving each cycle, but I think having PCOS can half that percentage (I am sure I read that but please correct me someone if I am wrong).

    You can't worry too much about the statistics I think. There are lots of success stories on here and the Verity website from women who have conceived with PCOS. I think that brings us much more hope than a figure.

    Good luck sweetie and I hope the metformin works for you.

    S xx
  • Hi Apurish,
    They usually put you on the pill to try and regulate periods and other symptoms for PCOS but I am surprised they have done it for you as you are trying to conceive!
    Angus Catus is quite good for PCOS to regulate periods and helping ovulation, but it is not to be used if you are on clomid or anything else?!
    Good luck hun,xxx
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