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TTC 6 years and concerned about perimenopause

Hi everyone,

Hopefully someone can help put my mind at rest.

DH and I have been ttc for 6 years now - I'm 34, DH 38. We were tested at the beginning of our struggle and both fine, had one round of unsuccessful IVF and haven't been able to afford further treatment since 2017. In June this year we got tested again and found out my AMH is now really low and semen analysis came back with DNA fragmentation so we've sort of given up hope. 

We decided to stop trying after we got the results and just focus on us and our happiness but this month we BD'd 2 days in my fertile period and I bled very lightly the day after. AF was due on Saturday 19th and I could really feel it coming (I get mild cramping and back pain and tummy rumbles!) and on the day I was due, I spotted very lightly (brown mucus...sorry if TMI!) so I knew I was coming on.

It's now been 6 days since then and I still have cramps, back pain and spotting but it's barely anything. I'm wearing a pad but there's really no point. 

This is VERY weird for me as I'm extremely regular - you can set your watch by AF and I tend to bleed very heavily for around 2 days and then it trails off.

I tested yesterday and it was BFN and today I bled a little but it was brown again. I'm really concerned that I'm approaching perimenopause as my AMH is just so low. 

Has anyone else experienced this before? Any words of wisdom or encouragement out there? I would book an appt with my GP but I can't get an appointment until Nov 10th!

Thanks ladies, baby dust to you all! :) 

Sara xx
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