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1-2 dpo cycle buddy wanted!!

Well ithink im 1 or 2 dpo not too sure ? got a + on ov test on wed so would that make me ov yesterday??
Im confused with that part.
Anyway im full of pma this month as been very pro active:
1.Been taking pregnacare conceive
2. Dh has started well man vits
3. Took robitussin cough mixture
4. Was testing on ov sticks since cd 7 so i wouldnt miss it!
5.We bd Sat, mon, tues am,wed, and thurs. so thats cd9, 11, 12, 13,14 ov'd 14.
6.Used zestica since cd11

Think we have done all we can this month to catch it?!!
Now im going to drive myself crazy with symptoms so would anyone like to go ss crazy with me??

Annette xxx


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