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Sex after Lap and Dye


Title says it all really. I am due to have a lap and dye done on 16th Sept which will be cd10 (if AF arrives tomorrow) of my cycle. Normally OV around cd14/15 and was hoping to be able to bd after lap and dye as I know there can be increased chance of getting pregnant after this proceedure. Not sure if will be able too with op so close to OV. Can anyone share their experiences with me?


Lizzy xxx


  • Hey Lizzy, my birthday is the 16th! My hsg is on thursdau and i'll be cd 16. I usually ov 20 and 21 (earliest ever is 16 and latest 28) so I am fully intending on going for it like a mad woman as soon as I get out of the hospital!

    I know some people say there is risk of infection but i've not been told this x x
  • Hi
    I had my HSG last wednesday and was quite sore for a few days after but that was because it look 3 attempts and i ended up having my cervix clamped as my uterus didnt like having the small catherter put into it. i was on cd7 when it was done so i have let the bruising ease before i have attempted to bd. I wasnt told there was a risk of infection either.
    Good luck with your procedure
    Amanda x
  • hi lizzie, i read somewhere to wait 10 days i think, but i reckon if u feel ok then crack on, maybe ask dr n see what they say
  • Hi Ladies,
    Thanks for your replies.
    MP, I like your thinking I dont want to miss OV this month so am hoping to be like it like a mad woman after op!!!! Hoping you will be having a better day than me on 16th then birthday girl!!! Are you doing anything nice?
  • Hiya ladies
    i am a newbie to this site (hopefully not for too long!) i have got my HSG test this morning! at 9.15am
    will post my results (do know that it will be uncomfy-but ready for it!! ) lols
    love karen x
  • Hi Kaz,

    Welcome to the site!

    Would be great to hear your experience as I have mine on Thursday and have butterflies just thinking of it as I find it very hard to relax! I was going to have some paracetomol before but considering codeine to knock me out a bit!x x
  • Hi Kas,

    Welcome. Hope your HSG went well.

    Lizzy xx
  • Hi Kaz

    Welcome to the site, i hope everything went well for you this morning

    Amanda x
  • my leaflets say that once you feel better you can have sex again. my af will be over in a weeks time so hoping i feel better then we can ttc for first month with no endo. my fingers n toes are so unbelievably crossed imageimageimage

    not long til yours now hun, maybe we'll both be lucky on our first month xxxxxxxx
  • Oh Hannah I really hope so although I will be OV'ing about 4 days after op so not sure if I will be able to ttc that soon but lets hope so xxxx
  • well there is no way i could have sex jus yet, but i'm only 2 days post op. i'm still so full of air. i feel like a bloody water bed, my tummy keeps swishing n gurgling, plus cuts are still sore. but i'm a proper wimp. hopefully you'll be able to ttc xxxx
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