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Anyone have experience with azoospermia/oligozoospermia?

Hello, this is my first time posting anything like this even though I’ve been stalking ttc forums for the last year and a half! Anyway we have been ttc for a year+ with no success. All my tests always came back fine, good ovulation etc dr said to just keep trying but she put me on clomid to boost our chances even though ovulation was fine. 1st round of clomid AF came and I had a really down few days during which my DH suggested he gets a semen analysis to rule out problem wasn’t from his side. Feel stupid we didn’t do this earlier! Well the results came back and we got the shock of our lives that they found 0 sperm, not even 1!!! They called this azoospermia. He had a repeat SA where they found 5 (just 5 singular not million) live sperm and a few non motile were ‘noted’ but they didn’t give us a number for those. Diagnosis was then bumped up to severe oligzoospermia. DH had blood tests taken at time of second SA but we are still awaiting outcome of those. 
These last couple of weeks have just felt surreal, we are just so heart broken and have no idea what’s ahead for us at the moment. 
Has anyone else had any experience with something like this they could shed some light? Thank you xx
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