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advice on gettin a fertility referal frm ya doc

Hi Im New to all this n have pcos and have had it for about 3 yrs im going to the gym n on a weight management programe to help me loose the weight coz my doc say i have to show commitment to wanting to loose the weight b4 she will send me for treatment or a referal personaly i dont think she has a clue on wot to do next she sounds like a broken record i have been trying to loose some weight fo nearly 2 yrs with out success n i am in the middle of finding another doc for a second openion n just was wondering how do ya get ya doc to send u for a referal


  • I told my Dr that I was 36 and we had been trying for 2 years and she sent me for my bloods and referred us straight away to our local hospital.

    Does she want you to lose weight before she is willing to refer you? Maybe you should ask to speak to a different doctor at your practice?
  • Just to let you know to heve fertility treatment the clinic would want your BMI needs to be under 35 and for some under 30.

    Good luck for losing weight.

  • Sorry, should have explained a bit better, our PCT guidelines states to have fertility treatment under the NHS your BMI has to be under 35. New guidelines came in only a few months ago but I presume it differs between PCT's.

    We referred ourselves to a fertlity clinic for a private consultation and they state
    "for safety reasons we are unable to offer IVF to woman whose body mass index is over 35"

    Why don't you try to find a nicer GP and if you're looking at going down the NHS route ask what your PCT's restrictions are?

    Mrs Amanda I seem to remember you're hoping to go down the IVF/ICSI route again?

    All the best image


    PS I lost weight quickly on W8 matters diet but it was tough!
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