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At docs in the moring

Hi Ladies,

I know I am posting this at the last minute but me and hubby have been trying for around a year now and nothing is happening. Same old monthly routine with AF arriving 2 weeks later thhan expected then arriving and dashing my dreams.

Well, we have an appointment at the doctors tomorrow and I was just wondering if anyone could shed some light on what might happen.

Do they refer you to a specialist? Tell you to come back in so many months?

I really just want things to start moving.

I am 11 days overdue for AF now but got a BFN yesterday.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Thanks muchly and have a good evening.



  • No idea but wanted to say good luck!
  • Hi Princess, only just seen this so I guess I'm a bit late. Hope it went well today. Make sure you let us know.

    When I went to the Docs (after 18 months), they immediately did 21 day bloods for me and Semen Analysis for hubby. The SA results weren't great so we were referred to the local fertility clinic at that point.

    You should at least get some investigations done by your GP and then, depending on these results, be referred or given drugs......

    Anyway, hope that helps. 12 months TTC is plenty for them to start investigating.

    Good luck.

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