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Back from my scan


Just got back from my scan, had to drank 2 pints of water and I was bursting for the loo all the way there! Anyway cut a long story short I have polycystic overies :cry:. My DH came with me but wasn't allowed in the room with me. The lady was really lovely, talked me through what she could see on the screen, she said my overies are quite bad but not oversized as sometimes polycytic overies are. I could see the dark black patches around the edge of my overies which are the cysts. I was ok in the room when she told me but as soon as I saw my DH I broke down.

On the brighter side at least we know where we are now, so looks like consultant will put me on clomid. I see him again 11th November. Still no sign of AF. Jools Oliver has polycystic overies and has 2 beautiful girls, if she can have babies so can I!!!


  • Oh hun, so sorry to hear that but at least they can get you medication and get you sorted. I was diagnosed with PCOS in July and got put on Metformin and am currently having my second af so the drugs do work and hopefully a BFP is on the horizon for the rest of us. Keep your chin up and Nov will come round really soon. I go back in on the 10th Nov so sounds like we're going through about the same. Sxx
  • Hi SLOW, thanx for your post. It's nice to have someone in the same situation to talk to. Good luck with the Metformin, can't wait to start on the Clomid!! x
  • HI Pont,

    Oh I'm sorry to hear that. I have my scan in two weeks so I know how hard it must be. Did you have an external one if you needed to drink all that water?

    Did you have lots of symptoms or any idea that you might have pcos?

    On the bright side, knowledge is good and at least you know now. They say 70% of people with pcos get preg naturally and another 20% with assisted conception and like you said your's isn't that bad so you'll be in the 90% who suceed. Look after yourself for the next couple of days and I'm sure by the weekend it won't all seem so bleak.

    Also, I know I bang on about her, but Zita west's book has some good tips on controlling pcos with diet which might help.


    Rach x
  • Girls, thanx so much for your support.

    As for symptoms I haven't had a period since March, have hairy toes and unwanted hair on my upper lip which I get waxed. Don't get many spots, my weight OK for my height and I don't get any bad cramps so I suppose I have a couple of symptoms. To be honest deep down I knew I have PCOS.

    I was supposed to have an external but I drank TOO much water :lol: so lady told me to go to the loo and she did an internal. Wasn't bad at all didn't hurt!

    Will defo get Zita west's book.

    Fantastic news for Jools, a tad jealous image

    Best get back to work now. Back soon.
  • hi

    sorry to hear that.

    i have pcos too and am on metformin. this had regulated my periods loads. i only used to have one or 2 a year.

    i agree with rach zita wests book is good. i read it recently. I also got one about pcos and fertility and that told me loads i didn't know about pcos and lists more symptoms than the usual they tell you about.
    i related to a lot of them when i read it even though i didn't think i had normal pcos symptoms other than weight gain.

    victoria beckham has pcos too and look how many shes had so theres lots of hope for all of us.

    good luck with your clomid x
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