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Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine - any good??

Evening ladies

We have a 'health' event at work today and there was a chap there who has a business specialising in acupuncture and general chinese medicine in particular for infertility (it was in Raynes Park/ Wimbledon).

Has anyone been for acupunture and found that it works? We have our first appointment at the ACU in a couple of weeks so guess I should wait until after this to see if we can get any more answers before embarking down the alternative therapy route but who knows. I will try anything after nearly 2 years TTC!!

Have any of you guys tried any alternative therapies any good?

D xx


  • I haven't tried it but lots of people have suggested it to me xx
  • Hello!
    I have tried acupuncture and Chinese herbs in an attempt to get my cycle back after a mc. I did it for 3 months but had no success and gave up as I felt it wasn't justifying the weekly cost.

    I did manage to finally get af after a year but only by taking Provera. I am now on Clomid and going to start back at acupuncture next cycle (only if this cycle fails of course - PMA!!!!!)

    Although it didn't work for me, it felt wonderful. It was so relaxing, didn't hurt and felt great to be doing something proactive instead of waiting for doctors appointments etc.
    Let us know what you do and how you get on and GOOD LUCK!
  • Hi,

    I really rate acupuncture... the one thing to reinforce that was when I was on the injectibles and the one month I had plenty of acupuncture and I responded really well (although unfortunately didn't get BFP but it was my first month I ovulated and It only took 8 days on the injectibles and they usually take 14) but then the other month my acupuncturist was poorly so I didn't see her for 8 weeks and I was back on the injectibles and I responded really poorly, nothing was produced. It could have been fluke or anything but I do believe it was the acupuncture, I feel a lot better when I am having it.

    Let us know how you get on,

  • Im hoping to start accupuncture as have heard lots of success stories. As for the chinese herbals have also tried these & hated them, although when I tried these it wasnt for ttc it was to help my cycles get back to some normality as was suffering with endo.

    Good Luck xx
  • Thanks very much for your replies. Can anyone tell me what sort of price they have paid/ would expect to pay? The guy I spoke to said it would be about ??60 for the first consultation then I'm sure it was about that for each session after (45 mins each). sounds like a lot but as my DH pointed out is small fry compared to costs further down the road!!
  • Debbie, I paid ??50 for my consultant and then it is ??35 a session (??45 min). xx
  • Hey Debbie,
    My first consultation was 40 quid, and 25 for 30 mins each session thereafter.xx
  • Hmmmm.....sounds like ??60 per session is a bit expensive!!! :roll:
    How did you find out about people in the area??
  • I googled the words acupuncture, fertility and my area. It turned out that the clinic is very well known one in my city, which reassured me that it was not going to be a con artist!!!. I did expect it to be more expensive tbh.
  • Hello,

    I've been having accupuncture for about six months - it worked really well at first and I'd pretty much say it got me my BFP. Sadly it didn't stick, but I'm now working with my accupuncturist on getting my cycles back to normal. Next step is herbs apparently (hope they're not too bad Laujai!).

    Mine trains under Zita West - I think on her website there is a list of her 'affiliated' accupuncturists by area...

    I pay around ??40 an hour long session which I think is quite good value and in line with things like chiropractors etc. I'm near Warwick and would recommend mine if you're anywhere near...
  • I'd love to try acupuncture and may look into it. Unfortunately my hubby thinks it's a load of mumbo jumbo though! But even just for the relaxation factor I reckon it's worth a shot. Great to hear all your thoughts on it.
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