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Been to a homeopath

I had my first trip to the homeopath yesterday having been off the pill for almost 7 months and having onlly 1 AF at the start of February. I was there for about an hour and she asked me loads of questions and said she will have a good look through all the info I told her, write me a letter and send me the most appropriate medication. She was really nice and it was good to actually get listened to for longer than a rushed 10mins with the GP. Fingers crossed it will work! Beats waiting for the flippin NHS.

A few weeks ago I started taking AC and after 10 days got a + OPK followed by no temperature rise. I was tempted to start taking it again but then it was almost time for my appointment and thought I'd go and see what a professional said, but she says AC is a herb which is different to homeopathy. I'm a bit sad about this as it seemed to be working, but having had the appointment with the homeopath I'm guessing it's better to go with what she says?

I'm also waiting for my first appointment with the gyneacologist. Went to see my GP almost a month ago and she said she'd refer me but it may be 3-4 months before getting an appointment, but so far I've heard nothing. It seems an awful long time, fair enough if I was TTC and had some kind of a cycle it might make sense to wait, but my AFs were this sparse when I was last off the pill 7 years ago so I don't really see the sense. My US and bloods didn't show any problems, but there must be some explaination!!!!??? I know this is a relatively short amount of time to wait but I'd really like to know what's going on. :roll: I know the arrival of AF is usually not something people like but I'd really prefer it to just nothing at all!!

Has anyone else had a similar situation or a homeopathy success story? Do you think I should go back and try and get my doctor to hurry things along a bit?

Thankyou xx
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