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Trying and not giving up!



  • @MadDoda I thought I'd give it a go last night, but DH was in a bad spot and apologized but just couldn't BD. Which I was ok with bc I did not really feel like it, but pressure of wanting to get another BD in was driving me... My temp went up today and I've had sore breasts since yesterday so I think I actually ov yesterday, but won't know until a few more temps. I really don't even mind having an off cycle where there's no chance and I don't have to torture myself with hope for two weeks. The UTI symptoms are fading do antibiotics are definitely working. I totally understand wanting to protect yourself and not think about it. You've been thru so much hell, it's so f*cking unfair. 

    @Emmy012 of course. I always hold the highest hope for all of you. I just have a feeling you'll get your rainbow baby very soon... 
  • Snap @Emmy012 - I had to talk to HR about taking time off for this scan and actually it was good (except for the tears and talking about it all again) because they have said I can take the whole day off because I’m probably not going to be necessarily in a good place though I might be physically ok. Also told my boss because she knows what we are going through and we are really close - did it by email though as I couldn’t face talking about it again.

    Having to think and talk about it just brings it all back doesn’t it x
  • @PinkSnow410 would u mind to share a chart? I'm glad u are feeling better. I would still try to bd if ur up to it, and it may not be a lost cycle. 
    It's not fair, but we can't help it, can we? 

  • The BD on CD 10 (sat Jan 4th) was at 2 am Sunday but I put it in as Saturday. I wasn't sure where to put it. @MadDoda

    @RememberToBreathe that's good that your work is so supportive and that you're close with your boss. I'm glad they gave you the day off for your scan

  • The BD on CD 10 (sat Jan 4th) was at 2 am Sunday but I put it in as Saturday. I wasn't sure where to put it. @MadDoda

    @RememberToBreathe that's good that your work is so supportive and that you're close with your boss. I'm glad they gave you the day off for your scan
    I forget hun, do you do OPKs?
  • @RememberToBreathe I sometimes do, which isn't helpful in this situation bc I didn't do them this cycle. I picked up an extra temporary nanny job in the evenings so it's just been impossible to do opks this time. Plus the UTI affected my temps last few days so I can't really be sure of anything. 🤦 But I'm just acting as if it's a impossibility this cycle and forgetting it till February. 
  • @RememberToBreathe it really does doesn't it. I had to text my boss to tell her the Sunday night because I was not in a fit state to work Monday. It's so hard, my boss was great today I just felt super emotional as I've only really spoken to you ladies and OH about how I'm feeling. I've told her we're still trying though. 
    I'm glad your work are supporting you ❤️
    @PinkSnow410 just by looking at your chart I'd definitely be inclined to say ov was cd11 
  • @PinkSnow410 I always do bd about that time at night. I always put it as pm day which just ended, it doesn't matter how u mark it as long as u do the same way and know what it means. I think no matter if u ovulated cd12/13 ur covered. This is how I conceived last cycle. If u are not sure about temps, bd today if u are up to it. But those days are covered.

  • My chart is insane, I think it's P affecting it.

    Dh just jumped me lol. I love him on holiday haha
  • Normally my coverline is around 97.4 and my pre ov temps bounce like crazy, but because of the UTI I'm sure things are funky... Really wish I could have done opks. I feel like myself again so going to try to BD but I work till 9pm so I won't be able to until tonight. Hoping DH will be up for it. He usually will bd the day after he shits me down lol. Guilt BD 🙊

    Regardless of what unfolds with temps in next few days I'd like to just continue imagining it's not possible this cycle. My heart needs a break, which I'm sure you all know how that feels 😥
  • @MadDoda that's awesome! Enjoy DH all day long 🤭  your temps are crazy. What's going on? Did you not sleep well last night?
  • So you probably ov about cd13. No matter what we are here for u. 

    It's funny how u feel desperate and start thinking about break but then when ov is near u can't actually have break. That's how I am. Dh was first time suggesting it, I couldn't. 

    But I do believe there is light at the end of tunnel for all of us.
  • @PinkSnow410 actually I slept normally, nothing unusual. Only when I got that spike I slept Rly well. I'm not sure if it's related or if it's P being low and I'm reviving it with pessaries, they are marked on chart, so that spike is a bit delayed in compare with P. No idea, but I'm scared shittless. My chart never acted like this before, temps are still at post ov level but really low, even for me.
  • @MadDoda maybe that's a good thing? If nothing else different makes it impossible to compare to other charts and then get convinced you're doomed to repeat same pattern. But I'm sure it's terrifying. We all have you here and are hoping the best for you.
  • @PinkSnow410 time will tell. Thank you so much. For now I'm forgetting about this. 
  • Yes! Let's all forget about ttc for a while 
  • @PinkSnow410 isn't ur trip due soon?
  • Wow your memory is so impressive! It is soon. February 16th. 💜  I'm all prepped for it too. Tons of bug spray and repellent 🤣 Dr cleared me for it and said not to worry... Same precautions as when I go visit my dad in Florida. Dr was more concerned about me not drinking the water than mosquitoes 🤦
  • @PinkSnow410 great Dr cleared u! U can enjoy now. Almost there! 
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