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Trying and not giving up!



  • Hi Ladies, i really need to join this.
    We have been trying for 2 years now. I am 32 years old and my husband is 37. i have pcos from the age of 25. And only fertility drug helped me to ovulate which i started 6 months ago. Even if there is ovulation pregnancy seems far away. And now we are very close to get ivf treatment. i still wish to get pregnant naturally before availing ivf treatment which will happen in March- April most probably.

    I know its a different journey for each women and no matters how difficult it is mentally or physically i wish it will happen to us eventually.
  • I haven’t decided where to go yet for my 30th, but hopefully somewhere new and exciting that I’ve never visited! @MadDoda let us know how your sensitive test gets on!!
  • Good morning/afternoon loves! Now that the UTI is on its way out, I'm full of cold again 🤦 Very sore throat and pesky painful cough. So we did not BD again, but my temperature is still increasing so I definitely ov, just not sure exactly when. 

    @RememberToBreathe it's so frustrating when things break from the norm. I'm sorry love.

    @MadDoda I agree, a more sensitive test seems like the way to go.

    @Aliciab90 glad you found your way here ❤️
  • @PinkSnow410 hello lovely ❤️
  • Got tests, gonna do a hold and test tonight. I'm even more scared lol. I know it's one day and there maybe no difference but in just too used to this..... Hard to overcome. 
  • @MadDoda oh love ❤️ we've got you 
  • @Emmy012 hi darling! How's the tww treating you so far? I know it's early, 3 DPO? 

    @MadDoda I can't imagine how hard it is, but you're one of the strongest most resilient woman I've ever known. And you have us holding you up. 
  • @PinkSnow410 thank you, ur always do kind to me. I will try to stay positive... I hope ur cold will pass quickly.
  • @meetingbaby welcome!

    BTW if u feel u want to add someone here go for it, I just done a starter. Xx
  • Ladies. I’ve bought a home progesterone kit where you take a blood sample on ‘day 21’ and send off for testing. Does anyone know what kind of results would be normal? I know for sure I’ll have ovulated but I guess I’m looking to see how good my level of progesterone is. I had hoped my hysteroscopy would be 6-7 DPO to get a good idea of lining but I think it’s more likely to be 10-11 DPO so thought I’d lose nothing by also doing this test!?
  • U can google progesterone norm in literal phase.  Lining at 10-11dpo should be still giving u a good indication. 
  • Hey ladies. Had a heart to heart with OH as we are both so unhappy. He is saying again he is too terrified to think about having kids and that we have stuff to work on before he will commit to it. I’m broken. But trying to take positive steps towards us both being happy.
    it may turn out that he will say that he doesn’t want them full stop, in which case I will have some serious thinking to do. 
    I so wish he would just say “yes let’s go for it” this is the worst and most hopeless feeling in the world
  • Oh @Aliciab90 I'm so so sorry love. That is a horrible feeling. Before we first started ttc DH was in that space. He was worried about finances and also thinking selfishly and not wanting his life to change. It was so difficult for me. I love him so much, but I've only ever wanted to be a mom. I didn't know what to do, so I emphasis with you. Know that we are here for you.
  • Thanks @PinkSnow410 literally everything else is perfect, house, finances. He just doesn’t know if he wants any. It’s absolute shit. 

    @MadDoda have you done anymore tests??
  • @Aliciab90 I’m so sorry. How did this conversation start? Do you think that after everything that has happened he is just scared? 

    The stuff you have to work on together, is he totally on board with that? I’d just hate for it to be an excuse to just put the scary stuff on hold. You’ve both been through a lot, have you thought about counselling? I have to say though, the fact you’re both able to have a heart-to-heart is good. My DH barely talks about anything, I literally have to read his mind! 

    Sorry for all the questions, we are all here for you x
  • Thanks @MadDoda was just having one of those overthinking moments!! 

    How did you get on with your sensitive test?
  • @Aliciab90 I'm so sorry, the ttc stress over time or through experiences.... Can be very hard on all of us and our men. Is there any chance he just had a day of weakness?

    Yday I did frer after 3.5h hold, such cane faint, within 5-8min, today with fmu I did superdrug 10miu which came faint within 5min. But they are all so faint, it can't be I get Evaps on 3 different brands within the time right? I'm having serious doubts I don't wanna waste P... I purposely left so one free for tomorrow,  it's my last hope. 
  • Urgh thats so frustrating @MadDoda. I hope you get some clearer lines!

    in all honesty, he hasn’t been on board with TTC for months, but around the time I joined you ladies was the time he seemed more relaxed as long as I didn’t mention it.

    the conversation started with me telling him how low I feel for the past couple of weeks and especially the past couple of days, then it turned to a convo about how low he is and him being terrified about me being PG. he is saying how bad his experience was with his daughter because her mum wasn’t the best with him and he had to constantly give her back and didn’t have her with him all the time.
    i just wish he could see how beautiful it would be

    his main issue is that we don’t seem to do anything fun, so I’m making a big effort to try to get things planned, date nights etc. 

    It just always seems to be on me ☹️

    He even asked if this was the end for us as we have had the conversation so many times 
  • Sorry @RememberToBreathe I forgot to answer one, I arranged couples counselling back in July and when I turned up he wasn’t there. I rang him and he was asleep. He apologised loads and turned up half an hour late, but to me that is the ultimate avoidance! Can’t tell you how frustrated I was at that
  • @Aliciab90 I'm so sorry sweetie, it must be so difficult to think you're finally on the same page for him to go back on his agreement to try. Definitely sounds like he's got issues surrounding his ex and how she was with his daughter. It's not fair to lump that on you though. 
    I think you're going to have to figure this out together and talk about it properly, lay it all out bare because you can't continue TTC if he's not supporting you 100% 
    How long have you been together? Has he always been a bit avoiding? 

    After MC my OH was amazing, was determined to try straight away but he can get funny about it if I talk too much about it, he's quite a chilled out guy and said to me recently there's no rush, he's right, but we've already been trying 8 months now and he doesn't quite understand my perspective because he didn't suffer it the same way I did. I can talk to him about it all but he becomes a little stand offish and I have to be careful that I don't make him feel used when we BD alot. They're sensitive creatures sometimes. Huge hugs x
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