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Trying and not giving up!



  • @Aliciab90 I'm thinking of you. Relationships can be so difficult, especially when both parties are not on the same page. I know all about that... DH and I almost split a few years ago. He was super depressed and wasn't treating his mental health issues and I was trying to force him to do things how I thought they should be done and control him. We were both so miserable and barely ever talked about our feelings. He stopped opening up all together and we never did anything fun. It was a very low point. But the Hope is that we made it through and he got help and we have been close and wonderful for a few years now.  So if you want to work thru it with him, I know it can be done. But he does need to figure out if he wants more children because you need a partner that is supportive as the girls said. Sending so much love.

    @MadDoda what's your chart up to? Did it come back up after that dip? 

    @RememberToBreathe how are you doing? Have things become more clear with your chart?

    @Emmy012 💜 how's it going? FF put me at 3 DPO but I am unsure if that's right
  • @PinkSnow410 doing ok thank you lovely, 4dpo and plodding along as usual. Hope you're ok? X
  • @Emmy012 yeah I'm fine. It's kinda nice just experiencing the tww progesterone symptoms knowing they are just that. I'm looking forward to trying extra hard in February with all the BD and hopefully no illnesses 
  • I'm still sick as a dog tho 😷 but trudging through
  • @Aliciab90 I'm so sorry u have to go through this, I'm afraid I doNt knowhat to tell u. The only thing is to work it out with him. Dig deeper find out the root of this, maybe u can overcome it together. I rly wish u the best.
    @PinkSnow410 I'm not sure if and how much P is affecting my chart, the same with symptoms and on top my af will not come for sure. So it's my call what to do. And my reasonable head tells me it's only 3rd day of positive, starting from very faint shadow, so it maybe still early. All lines are faint, but frer is darkest and I bought it in store not Amazon, so should be a good frer. But my motivation is crashing I'm getting more and more depressed. Else I'm getting 3 different brands false positive else I'm having another mc. That's what my depressed mind tells me. I'm confused lost sad and mad. Pushing this sway doesn't even work anymore. Hope u are doing better, how's ur chart?

  • @MadDoda I can imagine how pulled in different directions I'd feel if I was in your shoes... Wanting to hope but being so scared of getting crushed again. I'm so so so so sorry love. This just blows...

  • @PinkSnow410 I hope u will get better soon! I'm feeling all this, but somehow I'm very calm. Trying to be patient, give it time. Maybe two three more days, if nothing changes I will stop P
  • That's the frer from last evening and my darkest result

  • How many DPO are you? 
  • 14dpo, but I still had negative at 11dpo
  • Miserable :/
  • This is different from your other pregnancies isn't it? Don't you normally get bfp earlier like around 10 DPO?  I guess Normal and not normal means little here, but I feel like it might be a good thing that this is different from your usual. Or am I just grasping at straws?
  • MadDodaMadDoda Regular
    edited Jan 10, 2020 1:51PM
    Don't know if it's different, I usually have slow rise. Difference is I feel nothing, zero pregnancy symptoms and im on P. So I should have a bunch. I always thought I'm not affected by P,  guess I was right, but no idea what it could mean this time. I looked back and my earliest bfp was 10dpo. This time was 12dpo, 
  • Man I wish I had an answer for you. Seems like you just have to wait and see. I'm sorry babe
  • We have been together 3.5 years and for the first couple of years it was actually him that was desperate for kids, he always used to comment on how he would love if I was pregnant etc. I guess slowly over time he changed his mind. He says he feels too old a lot of the time too (he’s 40; 11 years older than me) I wish he could see that he is still young!

    @MadDoda this is horrible to watch you go through, can’t imagine how you are feeling. Have you had a referral to a specialist yet??

    Thanks so much ladies, you are truly the only ones who understand the pain xx
  • @Aliciab90 oh love, 40 is no age and it's obvious it's his hangups that are confusing him and he's taking it out on you. That's not fair at all and he needs to take your feelings into consideration for sure. It's really not fair for him to just change his mind and expect you to be ok with it. 

    I'm sorry you're going through this 😔
  • @MadDoda I’m sorry these aren’t getting darker. You can see the line but totally appreciate that it’s not the kind of line that would give you any confidence. I know that’s no help at all but I know how you’re feeling xx

    @Aliciab90 fear does strange things to men and I’m so sorry you’re going through this. It really is unfair x

    @PinkSnow410 my chart is better (even though it doesn’t really matter!):

    I’ll share this TWW with you with absolutely no expectations which will be so weird!

    Reflex tonight 😀
  • @RememberToBreathe I wasn't sure if OV earlier in your cycle would mess up the testing you'll be doing or if it mattered? I already feel so different... Like how I feel pretty ov when I'm just carefree. It's nice, but at same time I hate missing out on a month and another chance, even tho it seems like we have such a slim chance anyway. Glad your temp seems normal again
  • I’m told I can have the hysteroscopy at any point which is good. I’d just hoped it would be closer to 7DPO to get a good idea of lining just ahead of implanting time. It’ll be more like 10/11DPO though (pretty sure today is O day given excruciating pain I felt on right side about an hour ago - whilst driving, fun!) but as @MadDoda pointed out that will be useful too lining wise. Will also do a blood test on day ‘21’ to send off to check progesterone levels which I am sure are ok but easier to do it this way than wait for consultant to actually get round to doing them!! 

    I know what you mean about a wasted month but maybe it will be good for both of us xx
  • Thank you ladies, u are irreplaceable to me. It's insane how each of us has so much to deal with. Life sure is cruel. But we will pull through. @PinkSnow410 ur chance is coming, I know it. @Aliciab90 I know it's stressful but I'm sure u will pull through it together with ur dh, if u tell him everything u feel about having kids. 

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