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Trying and not giving up!



  • Dh is going out today, I stock up wine,  gonna relax and have a drink tonight. How are u all?
  • That sounds so nice @MadDoda enjoy your quiet evening!
    I'm babysitting a 3 year old little girl that is very spoiled 😳 and very bratty. 🤦 It's been a day... I'm going to pamper myself after work and get a pedicure. 
  • @MadDoda - doesn’t life have a shit way of just kicking you when you’re down. I remember all dates of everything. Yesterday was my firs due date. Because of course the minute I got a line on a test I worked it out and got all excited. Pah! Wine sounds good! 
  • Yeah, life tends to be like that, but I'm going to uni from Mon so I'm happy, today wine will satisfy me. Gotta start bleeding Max tomorrow. 
  • @PinkSnow410 pamper is always great. I'm just gonna enjoy time xd and ice cream 
  • Enjoy it love! I really hope next cycle will be your one!! Maybe it will be just like Gabi 💜
  • @MadDoda have some wine for me, my bladder is giving me all the pain today. I've done some jobs in the house and I'm curled up reading waiting for OH to get home. I hope it's all over soon for you, wish I could give you a huge hug and drink some wine with you. 
    @PinkSnow410 pedicure sounds lovely and needed after your day! 

  • @PinkSnow410 I would like to hope so, but as for now we didn't talk about it with dh, and he was suggesting break before this. So will see, I'm not sure myself too, I'm considering stopping active trying.

    We had such a good bd today, hope for more when he comes back haha.

    @Emmy012 oh no I was hoping it will not get worse, I will have whole bottle for all of u haha. But yeah together would be more fun. Virtual hug is good too
  • @MrsH02 that actually made me feel better! Like there is still hope. I am gonna try to mend what needs mending, and stick it out. But I can’t wait forever! I literally cannot not have a child!

    Not giving up!
  • @MadDoda I’m gonna bet early March.

    any bets on me? Next year? Year after?! 😂
  • @Aliciab90 go-go early March means two cycles, will see haha. I think u gonna have a surprise soon.

  • My life in a meme 😂😂
  • @MrsH02 😂😂😂
  • @Emmy012 I thought we all needed a giggle before we all started crying over such a shitty journey x
  • @Aliciab90 I’m sure it will happen soon for you, it’s funny my dh went all funny at 40, it’s like a midlife crisis thing for men of that age! He’s now 47 and wants one so go figure 🤷🏼‍♀️
  • Lol at the meme.

    My dh is back to normal so lots of bd since he is on holiday. I'm lovin it xd. Gotta use timemax before it starts. I wonder how long it will take me to ovulate but I may actually stop tracking. Maybe it would be better for me.
  • Oh Ryan ❤️
  • @MrsH02 definitely in need of a giggle tonight progesterone is kicking my butt massively. Just cooking for me and OH and then an evening of watching some TV as he's working tomorrow 😔 can't even BD as my bladder is on fire and my lady bits appear to have thrush again, why do we have to endure this?! 

    @MadDoda have some wine and BD for me!! Maybe stopping tracking for a little while may help? 
  • @Emmy012 sure thing, if he isn't to drunk xd. Yeah I think it would be good for me but I'm not sure if I can do it
  • @MadDoda do what you need to do lovely, you can always stop and start if you need to. I'm having water with my dinner... Would kill for a glass of wine!!
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