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Finally CD1

Finished my course of progestrone to bring on AF last friday and after brown spotting for 2 days af finally arrived yesterday!

Now this is a great thing cause it means i can start clomid tomorrow but OMFG why an earth was i wishing this to start it hurts like F*ck!!!! I've got the worse cramps, spots and feel like i've been kicked in the crutch and its not even in full flow!!!!!!

I suppose as my cycle was 72days there might be a build up of lining and the endo never helps but this is ridiculous!! I'm praying that this is the last one for at least 9 months!!!



  • Lilac
    Congrats that AF has arrived and you can start the clomid. Feel for you having bad cramps etc, I usually get bad ones too.

    Let's hope the clomid does the trick.
    Good luck
  • Owwwwwwwww you poor thing. Great strategy bring on the clomid and no more AF for nine months or more. Whooooooooooo

    I like it..personally feeling a bit feeble about the next one after all the progesterone. Anyone fancy borrowing my uterus for a while???

    Seriously chuffed for you and have a really good feeling about the magic of clomid
  • YAY - get started on the clomid and bring on the BFP! x
  • Sorry its so sore but hope that means its a good spring clean before an implantation!!!
  • I hope you dont mind me posting on here. Lilac we were in TTC together and i have been hoping to see you get some good news. I just wanted to say good luck. I have my fingers crossed for you.
  • Good luck mrs like the others say sore but a good clean out and nice fresh lining ready for you wee baby to get tuck into ...nice and snugly xx
  • When do you start your clomid?? Sorry that its so painful but think of it as a means to an end!! Let us know how you get on with the clomid - I am hoping to start it in the next few months after my HSG!

  • Thanks for your messages ladies (ur fine to post kirsty!!) still really sore and so heavy but i had been warned this might happen as its the 1st af after the lap and dye.

    Emerald i can start clomid today (cd2) going to take it tonight as people have recommended you can dodge some of the side effects this way!
  • Hi Lilac

    I am taking my 4th Clomid tonight!! I have been taking it at night and touch wood there have been no side effects!

    Look forward to getting our BFPs
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