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  • hi, i have my first ap[pointment oin friday with gynacology wich shud be infertility clinic! but again tho i asked if my partner had to come as when i phoned up for my appointment they had a last min cancelation for this fri!! but partners wrking but they said he didnt have to come so im confused!!!
  • hey girlies
    Ladybird - it sounds like you have been lucky and have a good set of Drs. I dont think friday 13th is unlucky (in fact i think thats when hubbys second SA is!!)
    We have been trying since our wedding last year in August. Hubby has his first SA on Friday, and then in the beginning of August. I have another set of '21 day' bloods on the 6th August - I have had two already, one showed OV, the other showed I had not OV at that point. The bloods on the 6th August are for all sorts, so that we can then be referred to the fertility clinic.
    I was so naieve when we started this journey - in fact I was a little bit unsure and didnt want to stop my pill - but now i realise I want this more than anything (which probably doesnt help).
    I also realise that nearly a year is not that long in the scheme of things and keep looking at the positives.... me and hubby can spend time togehter, were going on holiday soon and it means we have more money in our 'baby fund' (i only get stat maternity pay so need to save to pay our mortgage!).
    Anyway - enough rambling....

  • Doh - scaliwags sorry i didnt see that the post had moved to page two...
    Can you partner not pull a sickie? I know its Friday (i get mega paranoid if i am ill on a friday or monday in case the boss thinks i want a long weekend off!). Or canyour partner not say he has a Drs appt?
  • hes just started a new job so we dont want to risk it we need the money n that job pays well im ok goin the first time i just would like to know what to expect i find it weird they said that he didnt have to be there x
  • Hi Ladies,

    Well had our first appointment today. Got seen really quickly and saw a junior dr. He was Italian and very gorgeous but unfortunately he couldn't understand me too well and I couldn't understand him too well. To the point where hubby had to write his own details on the forms as he couldn't understand my hubs!

    It was very question/answer, very clinical. He then shoved a load of forms in our hands for tests asked us if we had any questions! Well yes, WHAT THE HELL ARE ALL THESE TESTS! He couldn't answer anything. Just kept saying ivf clinic.

    We went to reception and said we had no idea what was going on. She took one of the forms and told us to come back on the 28th September. We had no idea what to do with the test forms so found a lovely nurse and I burst into tears. Said the dr may be used to dealing with this everyday but we're not and that I was really upset by how sterile he was with us, no explanations etc.

    She was wonderful, gave me massive hug and explained it all. I have to have 2 and 27 day bloods (i had to tell him no point in 21 day as my cycle is long) I also have to have a scan and an hcg dye test, not as invasive as a lap and dye.

    Hubby has a SA to do on 5th August and she made sure I was put in with the head consultant at the next appointment which I am mighty relieved at!

    Me and hubs had a huge fit of the giggles and nurse said "the best way to come" meaning best way to get into hospital to get to lab but we just couldn't stop laughing!

    We won't forget that in a hurry! x x
  • Hello!

    After quite a long break from BE (previously been in TTC after MC), I'd like to rejoin you all here if you'll have me?

    So, after 2 years of TTC and one mc along the way, my DH and I have finally taken the plunge and started the long road to the fertility clinic and all that it entails. So far, we've discovered my DH has low morphology, which was a bit of a shock. My 21 day bloods came back fine. Today I went for an ultrasound and was told I had polycystic ovaries. But having googled this, I'm a bit confused as I have always has very regular periods, and know that I ovulate (confirmed by OPK tests, temp charting and 21 day bloods). So I'm unsure what this means. I have to go back to the GP in a week to find out what the next step is, and I'm still waiting to hear back from the fertility clinic as to when our first appt will be. They have a bizarre system whereby I called them a week ago, and they are supposed to call me back within 10 days to offer me an appointment! Who knows how long after that the actual appt will be...!

    Anyway, sorry for rambling. Its really good to see everyone elses posts, and I wish you all a good journey through the ttc rollercoater.

    Much love x
  • Hi every one! im new to all this.
    me and my husband have been refered to a fertility clinic by my GP, just waiting for my appointment to come in the post. my husband has had an SA which was fine and i had to have a blood test to see if i was ovulating, what happens next? please help x
  • Mafia Princess,
    Sounds like you had a similar experience to me, as my consultant was Italian and there was a language barrier. We also felt that the whole appt was very sterile and we were treated as if we on a conveyor belt to be honest.
    You we very lucky to see a nurse who could help, Ive tried contacting the clinic again to find out how long I will have to wait for my lap and dye and was shouted at and told that the referrals for this and the IVF waiting list would not be made for several weeks as they could only be made when the clinic notes had been typed up and this could take weeks!!!! I feel so frustrated and lost by the whole thing. Its such a postcode lottery and seems so unfair that one couple can get very different treatment to another couple based on where they live!!!

    Hopefully you will get some answers soon.

    Lizzy xxx
  • HI Lizzy, I know it's so frustrating. Had the nurse not taken pity on us I really don't know what we would have done. The nurses have to organise the SA so could never have sorted that out.

    I was hoping for a lap and dye but they said they do the hsg first to see if they need to do a lap and dye if the hcg brings up any problems.

    We are seeing the head of the clinic at our next appointment so I am hoping that helps. Whereabouts are you? Wondering if we saw same dr!

    I just felt like a number and found it very upsetting. Luckily the nursing staff are lovely and assured me the consultants were too x x
  • Hi Mafia Princess,
    Im in South Wales. Where are you?
    I felt like a number too and am still feeling quite upset by the whole experience. It doesnt look like we can get pg without some help so we are now in their hands and feel so helpless about the whole thing. It doesnt help that I am surrounded by pregnant women at the moment so this just makes me feel worse!!!!
  • I'm in Liverpool, but seems to be similar to your hospital! The nurse assured me the consultants were lovely and i have heard wonderful things about them so i am hoping this was a one off.

    My hospital is a womens hospital and is where I had to go for my ectopic which is hard. There are pregnant women everywhere and the ones outside having a fab make me sick!

    I work acting for parents who have had their children removed from them and who seem to keep churning children out every year which is very tough at times.

    I think the feeling of being completely out of control is the worst thing as well as the feeling "is this ever going to happen". I have been speaking to a friend I used to work with who went throught th exact same thing and she said she felt exactly the same thing. She had her twins through IVF and that has given me some hope x x
  • Ive heard wonderful things about our fertility clinic too so hoping that we just had a one off bad experience and that it will get better from here as we are in their hands now!!!

    I work for social services, not with children but some of the people I support seem to be churning out children left right and centre.

    Its good that you have a friend that you can talk to about this. All our friends seem to have got pg very quickly which makes me feel even worse!!! At least I have you lovely ladies to talk to.

    Im having a few low days at mo, just feel like this is never ever going to hapen for us and Im losing hope. xxx
  • Oh Lizzy, I know exactly what you mean. I've been feeling the exact same way. I just feel really flat and that I can't believe we are having to go through this.

    I was sat in our little box room yesterday just thinking will this ever we a nursery, will I ever have a baby. Very depressing. I then went on pregnancy after infertiliy and all the ladies over there felt exactly the same way as us and look at them now.

    I know one thing for sure, when we do get our babies they will be so so cherished because of what we had to go through to get them x x
  • Hi there, i'm hoping all you lovley ladies will be able to help and support me. I had my first consultantion at the hospital yesterday, after only a 4 week wait, much better than i expected. It was just a chat with a reg but seems to have got the ball rolling. My husband has been tested and is normal so it looks like is down to me, we've been trying for 14 months. Got to have repeat blood tests on 4/8 and then again on day 4 of next cycle. Booking in for xray HSG test on next cycle if i can (althought not sure how to get day off work with 7 days notice), and internal ultra sound and second consultation on same day on 16/9. i'm in nothumbria nhs and it seems that everything is happening quite quick compared to some of the stories i've read.
    I'm a little apprehensive about the HSG and ultrasound, has anyone had them yet. looking for some advice on what to expect.
  • Hi Lucy, you sound at the same stage as me. I got an appointment after a week of being referred and now am waiting for my bloods, hcg and scan. It sounds like your pct has a very similar policy to mine.

    Mine have told me can be no bleeding at all when you have the hcg so I think i'll have mine at about cd10

    I have had an internal scan before when I had my ectopic and it really isn't as bad as I thought. It's like a really long vibrater that they put a massive condom type thing on and put loads of lube on so when it goes in it really doesn;t hurt at all. They wiggle it about a bit so they can look at your tubes and ovaries. I'm a bit squeamish at stuff like this and I was completely fine with it x x
  • Hi Lucy,
    Welcome, it sounds as if you have been very lucky and wont have to wait around for too long.

    Mafia Princess, Im glad Im not the only one feeling this way. I did the exact same thing the other day and went into the box room and tried to imagine it as a nursery, was struggling to be honest. Perhaps I should go on to the pregnancy after infertility to try and boost my spirits. At least it doesnt look like you will have to wait around too long to get some answers.
  • Hello to you all, I'd really love to join you. I've just posted a bit of a moan about our referral, then I found this thread. Oh well. We're awaiting out appt with fertility clinic, been over 4 weeks. I've had no bloods done prior to this, though, as my GP said its not worth it because of my unpredictable cycles- they're steadily increasing from 28 ish to 47 days! I had scans a few years ago when they suspected Polycystic ovaries, but never found anything, so I'm hoping thats not the problem. I heard that there is a big difference between PCOS and just polycystic ovaries, though.

    Hope you're all keeping a PMA and feel you're getting somewhere! xx
  • hi everyone,
    i wish none of us had to be here but its good to know people feel the same and understand. Mafia, i know exactly what you and the others mean about your spare room ever being a nursery. I dont even let myself look at anything related to babies, not even the next directory cos i also go to the baby clothes!! I really really hope i come on this thread to read a bfp really soon.

    x x
  • hello ladies! A teeny bit of good news-got our referral through, I'll have to phone on Monday for an appt. But nothing from hubby's ref. I've asked him to chase it up,but he says he can't remember to do it and thats final. So what does that mean? We give up having a baby? I'm trying to be patient, but I feel like I want this more than he does-although I think he's just hiding his head under the sand, thinking it will all be ok in the end! Alright for him, I'm 2 years older and a woman! Sorry for rant image x
  • Hi Can I join??

    16 months off pill and have 21 day bloods appointment soon, xo
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