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  • Hi girls, How is everyone? I'm having a particularly bad day but wondered if anyone could help me. I'm awaiting my af to have the hsg and further bloods. I always have a 27/28 day cycle and I'm now onto day 31 with 3 bfn's. What do I do about my tests? Should I ring the clinic and ask. There isn't really any hurry as I have to lose weight and our next appointment is in October but I just feel so out of control and find the tests as processes that will get us to October. Does this make sense?

    Thanks girls.

    V xx
  • Hi all!
    Just wanted to shout out a very excited "I've got my 1st Fertility Clinic appt through! Phoned up this morning and was given a appt on 18th August! I can't believe its so soon! But will give me the enthusiasm to stay off the junk food and alcohol on holiday next week!

    Also, DH has to come along to the appt too, as they need to see us both, which is good, as I then don't have to hassle him about getting his referral sorted. But does anyone think that he should have had his SA done by then? Maybe I should call back the clinic?

    Ladyb, any sign of af yet? Hope your feeling better xx
  • hi, can i join?? i have been trying for 3 years with 3 miscarriages inbetween. Was referred to fertility clinic october 2009, had first appointment on 2 june, they put me on waiting list for HCG test, was told it could take over 3 months to get it, but luckily they phoned me today with a cancellation for monday 9th august. For once im glad i have my period, as it should be finished for saturday. Then hopefully i will be put on list for some kind of treatment.... Dont know what they will offer me, what ever it is i hope it works... Sorry its a long thread, i really needed to talk to people who would understand.
  • Hi Tracey. Welcome-in a funny sort of way! You were patient, waiting 3 yrs! I went to the drs after 8 mths. Luckily my dr is of the opinion that if I hadn't conceived in 8 mths, I'm unlikely to ever conceive naturally. It meant he did something about it, but I could have sobbed when he said it. Managed to wait until I left! But seems he's not altogether accurate, as I've come across so many people who have conceived after years of trying! Anyway, I've not been on here long and I'm finding it so supportive. Its kind-of nice, in a sad way to find people in the same situation as you. Have you had any investigations yet? I've had no tests, just waiting to see the gynae in a few weeks. X
  • btw, sorry to hear about your mc's. only had one, and I can't imagine how difficult any more would be. You must be a very strong person to stick with your dreams. X ps. I'm tracy too-just without an e! X
  • hi windymiller, thank you for your post. my gp wouldnt entertain us until after my 2nd miscarriage. On my first appointment on 2nd june, they gave me an internal scan which they said was ok. I got blood tests taken at the early pregnancy unit in may after my 3rd miscarriage, they were chromosome and lupus but they have lost the results, so will have to get them taken again. hopefully after monday i will know what is happening next... sorry about you miscarriage, good luck with your journey... hope its a trouble free one with a happy ending. xx
  • hi everyone

    gp called today to say we have our first app at fertility clinic on sep 1st.. Its quite exciting in a way, i guess its because maybe someone can help.

    Mafia, is your husband booked in tomorrow for his sa?

    My 21 day bloods were fine and going mon for day 3 - 5 bloods.(be day 6 but she said thats fine)

  • Hi girls

    How is everyone today. Sorry I'm not replying personally, I think I've missed a few days and lost track a little.

    Angel, fab news about your appointment, it really does help doesn't it? I think it's knowing that at least you know whats what and can deal with it properly without second guessing everything.

    Well af still hasn't shown so I am now 6 days late and def not pregnant as I've done about a million tests. I did have a tiny bit of pink cm so I'm hoping this is it. I decided I had had enough of being fed up so decided to use my cbfm anyway with or without af. I thought at least I know if I've ov'd around the time I should if af had arrived. (If that makes sense.

    Anyway, good luck to everyone.

    V xxx
  • Hi V, that must be so frustrating. You sound like you're usually so regular too? I think thats one of the things that is so frustrating about this situation, is the lack of control we have over our own body's. And the fact that they seem to do the complete opposite to what we expect-or even need! I wouldn't be surprised if your af arrives the day after you start cbfm! I was very proud of myself and didn't do a hpt or buy lots of new, expensive hpt's! I think I might make this obsession something I can control at least. Along with my weight loss. Night ladies x
  • Hi Ladies, i know this is very long ago when you last posted, but wondered if any of your were succesful in your journey to become mumys.
    Waiting for my apoointment in September, and been told i have just had a early miscarriage. So keeping everything crossed for my apoointment in September now x

  • Hey Karen, I have a beautiful baby girl who is just about to turn 1 next week. It took us about 15 months from our 1st appt to get our bfp. I would never wish this on anyone, but in a way, it has been a very special journey and our baby girl makes us so thankful every day. Good luck x x
  • image thats amazing! happy 1st birthday little lady. not really sure what to expect, but not long now. so fingers crossed xx

  • Hi ladies just wanted to see if anyone is going thru this fertility treatment still?
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