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PCOS and Vits??

I've been taking EPO for a couple of months and also Agnus Castus for a month or so too. Now that it looks like I've got pcos then does anyone know if it's ok or worth carrying on with those??? Will they make a difference (especially thinking of the AC).

Any advice on that would be fab as I'm in Spain and if I asked the gyno then I'm sure he'll tell me not to bother with them as he wouldn't know what I meant!! I have private appt on Mon and only got diagnosed on Thurs so not started any meds or anything yet, let alone any further tests etc.

Oh and anything else I could would be good to know. I'm thinking that when i can I'll stock up on OPK's, BBT, preseed and pcos/GI diet books. Then hope of some meds getting me O and making the most of it! Just feel useless so need to do something. Anything else?

Thanks in advance x


  • Forgot to mention that I also posted this on the other ttc so sorry for those checking both!!!
  • I would check about the agnus castus honey i'm sure i've read something about not taking that if ur perscribed clomid for the pcos. Everything else sounds great thou...make sure u get folic acid or pregnacare as well!!! IF you do get the spot symptoms get zinc suppliments for that.xxxx
  • Me again!

    Don't see the point of ac if I got clomid as it forces the cycle anyway, just not sure if it'd be worth taking whilst taking progesterone which stops O but forces af. Maybe I'll just use what I've got left.

    I think that the EPO should be ok but not sure really. If I'm not O anyway then don't think it'll harm anything, don't think it'll work wonders or do a great deal and it's natural stuff so should be ok. Thinking of just taking 1000mg a day everyday and who knows it may help when I'm off the progesterone and it may have bumped my cm up by then to a good level.

    Thanks for the advice anyway, guess I'm just a bit too keen at the moment but feel useless.
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