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Trying and not giving up! - Part 4



  • @dd1001 I think this is it.....finally 😅😅😅😅

    I was considering writing a novel: “things that have happened since I last ovulated” 😂 

    @[email protected] snap 😊 I’m hopefully 2DPO!
  • @Aliciab90 that definitely looks promising. Hopefully another high temp tomo and ff will confidm
  • @Aliciab90 woohoo! I'm doing my Happy dance for you!! And lmao about the novel 🤣 I hope this is the last long wait for you and the vitamins and vitex will be helping you have a more regular ovulation. 

    @dd1001 that's a great perspective to have!! You'll have time to get lots done!! Your house will be totally ready in time! 

    @remembertobreathe how are you? Hope you are ok ❤️
  • @PinkSnow410 how are you feeling lovely?

    @Aliciab90 woohoo- good news.

    @dd1001, @ginajolly90, @Emmy012, @MadDoda and anyone I’ve missed- I hope you’re all well!

    I hope everyone has a lovely Mother’s Day today- cherish your mums. 
    Remembering all the struggles, all the losses and all the miracles today!🌸💕🌷🎀💖xxx
  • @KiwiMoomin, @Catlady220 and @VRob123- I hope you’re all well too!😘😘😘😘xxxx
  • PinkSnow410PinkSnow410 Regular
    edited Mar 22, 2020 12:36PM
    Our mothers day is in May. I didn't know we had different days! That's wild. 
    @EmJ3 I'm good! I'm having a hard time drinking as much water as the midwife told me to everyday. I already drink a lot, but a gallon? Yikes. I have moments of excitement, and moments of fear, but mostly I just feel detached and it's not really real yet. But thanks for asking after me 😍 how are you doing? How are your littles handling all this change? And HAPPY MOTHERS DAY 😍
  • @PinkSnow410- I naively assumed Mother’s Day was the same everywhere!!!
     I totally understand your reservations. It’s tricky. Try to enjoy the moments of excitement and focus on them but I also understand there is a sense of self-preservation to not allow yourself to celebrate too much. Sending you a big reassuring hug. You got this.xxxx
  • Well I also assumed that, so I get it. I never knew they were different days. My mind is like 🤯 rn. Thank you @EmJ3 I'm sure I'll get there, if this sticks. I'm just enjoying each day and moment as best I can and really trying to keep life very small. There's so much uncertainty and fear in everything, so I'm trying to just focus on what's in front of me.
  • i might be taking the veryyyyyyyy laid back approach of just bding every other day in my fertile window......i realized this shift change changed everything......i wasnt able to sleep thru the night bc i wasnt tired when i went to bed :/ so no temp today :/ hubby goes "well if ur gonna be stressed we just wont try...." im not stressed im just upset right now.....idk y he said that it hurt my feelings :( made me feel like our talk about it later has no chance
  • Oh @Catlady220 I'm sorry sweetie. I know your hopes are so high, and I know you struggle with anxiety, but you have to give yourself a chance to adjust. You can't expect things to happen like bam. A new schedule and temp time is going to take days or even weeks to adjust to and that might make the data a bit skewed but in the big picture you should still be able to tell what's up. I think if you can give yourself a break and let things be uncertain right now, it will do you good. The laid back approach was helpful for me, but I know it's not for everyone. Take a couple deep breaths and when you're centered try talking to dh. I'm sure the uncertainty is affecting him too and he's probably scared. 
  • @PinkSnow410 You are not alone with the water drinking! I struggle big time getting that much water in. I’m used to teaching for 5 hours before I get a planning, and it’s really hard to drink when you are talking to a class. So half the day, I’m really not drinking much at all and no way I can cram a gallon in with only half a day 😣
  • @PinkSnow410 yea we talked about just doing opk or just sex every other day on the days we usually have planned......I get good ov cramps so I'm sure that will let me know once they come n go but earliest ov is cd17 and latest was cd28.....
  • I think you guys are usually good at BD every other day right? @Catlady220 so that's the most important thing! If you are bding regularly, that's really the most important part! Maybe it will be less stressful for you? You never know until you try!! Fingers crossed
  • Happy mother’s day ladies!! My mum always buys me flowers and calls it happy aunties day from my nieces and nephew because I’m the only one who doesn’t get a gift as I’m the only one not a mum. It’s super cute! But Mother’s day is a kick in the teeth.  One of my closer friends told me last night she was expecting her 2nd baby’s she’s only known a couple of weeks but dreaded telling me because she knows how much I’m struggling.  
    I don’t feel like I’m ever going to get my bundle 😞.
  • Oh @sr19 sending you such big hugs and love. That's gotta be really hard. None of our siblings have kids, which I wish I was an aunt, but I would struggle so much seeing their kids and wondering if I'd ever get mine. It's heart wrenching. I really truly believe your baby is coming. 
  • @SR19 it really is hard 🖤 you will get there x
  • Does alcohol effect opk???? Thinking bout having wine 
  • @Catlady220 just have the wine 🖤
  • @Aliciab90 boss gave me a bottle on him that's y 😁
  • so this is funny....i havent drank since new years eve.....n now wine doesnt sit well with me....i got a low proof Verdi rapsberry (only 5%) ive had it plenty of times before but this time all its doing is making me feel bloated n gassy :/ i guess im done with drinking til i conceive, have baby, and get done brestfeeding :/ ....not a big fan of this bubbly tummy
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