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Trying and not giving up! - Part 4



  • 🥳 🎉 🙌🏻 

    well, last OV was Dec 17th 2019 haha finally after 3 months, I’ve done it. 
    So excited to be in the TWW; I rarely get this opportunity 😁😁😁

  • Sorry I’ve been so absent ladies, have had a shit few days. But onward and upwards right x
  • @PinkSnow410 @Aliciab90 thanks ladies.  It was a nice day it just hit me quite hard last night. 

    @Aliciab90 wooop!! About blumin time!  😬

    @RememberToBreathe I hope you are okay. Here if you need to talk. Definitely onwards and upwards but it’s never that easy is it.  
  • Thanks @sr19, I agree yesterday was a tough one. I couldn’t help thinking that I should have had a baby in my arms yesterday, not still longing for one. And my mind went into overdrive about all my appointments being pushed back and still having pain and no answers and more misery. I managed to get out twice for a run though and did a load of gardening which was good. Trying to keep a routine this week even though WFH so I walked doggo first thing and am now logging on. I hate that you have to go into the office x
  • @RememberToBreathe it’s horrible 😞 and I try saying to myself his time next year.. but in reality... I’ll be lucky if I am pregnant next year nevermind have a baby. This whole delayed appointments bit is going to really suck for us. And more so for your pain!! 

    It does suck. I dont know how long I’ll be asked to do it but I know when they do shut we won’t be getting paid so I guess it’s better to be in work than not, for now. 
  • @Aliciab90 woohoo! I'm so excited and hopeful for you. What a long time to wait for ov. You deserve a medal, for real. Hope it's a breeze if a tww that ends with a bfp!

    @RememberToBreathe I'm so sorry love. It's unfair. Sounds like despite your feelings you are taking really good care of yourself, and that's truly amazing and beautiful. I love growing things! I have tons of plants, and do an herb garden every year. I want to try some Vegetables. What are you going to be growing?

    @SR19 ❤️ I'm sorry things are such a struggle rn, but as usual you seem to have a good perspective. I really admire that. 
  • It was mainly just tidying up @PinkSnow410 - we had to attack the willow tree but we have spinach and beetroot planted and some seed potatoes arrived today for planting too. Just the usual though I think DH has planted something else but I’ve no idea what! I’ve left him to it, he’s the green fingered one. 

    Currently my WFH view is pretty nice, be good when we have some flowers out for colour... 

  • Oh I LOVE Willow trees but I hear they can cause havoc. @RememberToBreathe that all sounds lovely! I did tomatoes last year which was great!! Hope I can try something new too. It'd be great to have spinach grown myself. 🤔 I need to do some research. Thank you!! It's nice to have something else to think about and plan with all this quarantine stuff going on. I forgot about it being spring 🤦
  • Thanks ladies!

    @RememberToBreathe sorry you’ve been feeling a bit poo! I really hope something positive happens for you soon

    @SR19 Hang in there! I’m sure it will happen for you xx
  • update on me <3 CD14.....gonna try an opk in a bit.....we r gonna start every other day bd tomorrow <3 til cd28/29 so this oughta b fun lol......hubby seems to b in good spirits about it...... Ohio is now on "lockdown" or home order til april 6th? or longer....they said itll be reevaluated before then......their version of "lockdown" is leaving all "essential" stores open n letting ppl outside but if ur caught in a multiples u will be in trouble.....everything closed except "essential" store which apparently includes my store (the beer and winery), gamestop, and pet stores? and other places that i wouldnt think were least i have my job BIL is now in a 14 day self quarantine bc apparently our hospital doesnt have any tests? 
  • @Catlady220 That’s weird how they are doing that. I wouldn’t even consider that a “lockdown” since that’s already how we have been living here in Tennessee without being on order to do so. Doesn’t seem any different than what we are already doing with only leaving for necessities. 
  • Yeah @Rachel.a21 same in pa. It's been like this over a week. Only essential businesses open..nobody leaving except for necessities. Allegheny county (where Pittsburgh is and county to my North) just ordered shelter in place. I hope they don't do that here. It'll mess with my job 😳😬
  • @Rachel.a21 u can get in legal trouble now....thats the only difference.....

    @PinkSnow410 does it seem to be slowing down the cases??? ours starts tonight at 11:59pm
  • @PinkSnow410 I feel like they are a little too late with all of this since it’s already been spreading like wildfire. I really hope nothing happens with your job! That would be awful 
  • Thanks @Rachel.a21 I hope not too. DH just reassured me it will be ok. But I'm still feeling nervous. Gotta stay in the day. 

    @Catlady220 I don't know if it's slowing it or not. Most people here act like the rules don't apply and keep going out multiple times a day just to get one thing from store. 🙄
  • @MadDoda how are you doing lovely?
  • @Catlady220 I am glad you have your job of course, but I’m not understanding how alcohol is essential. That really isn’t going to help slow it down if I can still leave for stuff I don’t have to have to survive 😕 like our restaurants here can’t have dine in guests, but they made it a point to be able to still sell alcohol in to-go cups. That would be the least of my worries honestly

    @PinkSnow410 I am nervous about all of it, really just the unknown 
  • @Rachel.a21 it's more about helping the hospitals again then anything else. The withdrawal from alcohol is deadly. Lots of people would need ICU beds if they couldn't get alcohol. Tons of alcoholics walking around unknowingly. So I get it. I think it sucks and isn't helping the spread, but I understand it. And I'm glad it allows @Catlady220 to keep working
  • @PinkSnow410 @Rachel.a21 yea im hoping it helps something.....i am NOT ordering carry out or going thru drive thru for the sole purpose of would if someone there has it.....n they dont know.....then they make ur food.....and everyone elses food.....they test positive then EVERYONE that got food there is suspected...... but i myself think the numbers are A LOT higher than we know......perfect example......i live in a very small BILs assistant manager and his wife are being held in quarantine based off symptoms bc our hospital doesnt have any tests basically if u have the symptoms they consider u having it....BUT they dont contact everyone uve been around or shut down ur work force until there is a positive test......which is more than likely A LOT of ppl in my town have it
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