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Trying and not giving up! - Part 4



  • @PinkSnow410 They sell alcohol in our grocery stores here so I guess I just figure with grocery stores being open, they still have access. It stinks about alcoholics, my mother in law has been on for years and years and years (like 20+), but unfortunately they are slowly killing themselves even with alcohol 😕
  • I do think none of this is helping much in the grand scheme of things, because like you said @PinkSnow410, people here are still leaving their house just because they are bored. My friend has gone to the store every day this past week just because she hates sitting at home. So people are still contributing to the spread unfortunately 😕
  • @Rachel.a21 all we can do is go out only when needed and swash hands take vits and take care of ourselves
  • PinkSnow410PinkSnow410 Regular
    edited Mar 23, 2020 6:28PM
    Yeah that's why Shelter in Place is starting to go in effect. You'll get fined if you're out without a legitimate reason
  • Rachel.a21Rachel.a21 Regular
    edited Mar 23, 2020 6:29PM
    I think they should have done it a lot sooner than now. Our number of confirmed cases have been jumping by the hundreds every day. I just wish everyone would take it seriously. I am going to my doctor’s appointment Thursday and that’s it. I haven’t left the house in days. My husband has to go to work but he works for a Walmart distribution center, so if his work closed, Walmart’s wouldn’t be getting supplies 
  • Yeah and your hubby probably only is around the people he works with there. @Rachel.a21
    I think it honestly spread a lot earlier and faster than we could have prepared for. Some people carried it and barely had symptoms and it's been spreading and we are only now seeing because we haven't really been testing much till now 😬
  • @PinkSnow410 yea its a house order.....thats already going on in starts tonight at 11:59pm

    @Rachel.a21 i doubt his job will closed bc walmart is considered a supermarket and truck drivers will remain driving 
  • @PinkSnow410 I am really hoping he doesn’t get anything from work. We live in Tennessee but he works in Kentucky. Luckily, he said he’s not ever close to other people because they are all loading separate trucks

    @Catlady220 Idk why our state isn’t doing anything statewide. There is one city that got put on lock down today, but that’s just one city 😕 

    how long are schools in your states closed until? Ours is out until May 4th right now, but I can honestly see them closing until August at this rate 
  • Ours are just to April 6th right now, but I'm sure longer is coming @Rachel.a21 
    I'm glad he doesn't work near people. 
  • @PinkSnow410 I bet longer is coming too at this rate. Our initial date was to return March 30th after spring break and they immediately moved it to May 4th. It’s a tough situation because my leave is supposed to start May 5th
  • Haha might be nice to go back for one day then 👋 
    You're getting paid through this, right? @Rachel.a21
  • my city now has 3 cases :/
  • MadDodaMadDoda Regular
    edited Mar 23, 2020 7:41PM
    @PinkSnow410 I'm OK busy, surviving, we self isolated coz of neighbours stupidity. Don't want to endanger anyone. Trying to work out home schedule so I can study, it's not easy with toddler around even if dh plays with him. Dh took over all cooking, which is great. But I hope he will get job in hospitals kitchen he applied to. No period btw. And how u feeling?
  • @MadDoda no period? are u gonna test?
  • Have you tested!? How many dpo are you? I'm sorry @MadDoda I didn't know dh was laid off rn 😕 that's unfortunate. I hope he gets job!!  I'm good, but off today as drew had fever over weekend and"goopy" eyes today 😬
  • @PinkSnow410 oh no :( hopefully u get to feeling better
  • Well I'm cd29 I don't know when I ovulated, but I think about cd14max as per CM. My lp can be even 16 days so will see. My acne Says af is coming. Not testing, no tests and we are isolating. Dh wasn't fired, he was in process of changing job, he was supposed to have trial last week but situation turned bad so fast that it never happened. Basically he was unlucky by few days. 
  • @Catlady220 I'm fine. It says Drew was feeling ill, not me. Youngest boy I watch is sick. 
  • @PinkSnow410 I hope it's just a cold.
  • @PinkSnow410 Yes I am still getting paid, so I’m very fortunate for that. 

    @Catlady220 We hit 3 in my town a few days ago 😕 so far, only one in isolation at my local hospital though. One is a 6 year old that went to school in the district I teach at
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