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Trying and not giving up! - Part 4



  • @Lonestar 25 cycles for me!
  • @Emmy012 me too 😍🤞🤞❤️❤️

    @VRob123 you're such an angel 😍 I'm with you there. I feel guilty that there are people on the frontline putting their lives at risk at this incredibly stressful time, as well as families losing loved ones - whilst for me this situation has been good for my own self care. It's hard to imagine 😔 I'm really well, out of af and into fertile times. I'm already lost on cycle day which is good, bodes well for staying relaxed ...I hope! On cycle 7 now so it's gone super fast and obviously not where we want to be at the moment - but I'm sure it'll come. Life wise I'm good, postponed the wedding today without hassle, only three months extra to the end of September. I think autumn will be a nice time to get married ... :)

    @Aliciab90 I'm sorry you're not able to bd 😔 It seems like this is a tough time for both of you, for differing reasons. Hopefully you'll get some in before ov 🤞❤️

    @Lonestar all tests came back good so far? That's awesome news! Does that mean it is just a matter of time? 🤞❤️
  • @ginajolly90 on the surface yes, was due to have another sperm analysis which didn’t happen and still have a shorter lp than most 🤷🏼‍♀️ So don’t have all the answers I’m afraid 
  • @Aliciab90 just ride him to oblivion. No man can resist some servicing and then a cowgirl xd

    How are u ladies? I spend at least 8h on assignment and Im dead tired with brain on fire. Tomorrow shouldn't be any better, but I'm hoping to finish. No matter how tired I Am, I'm jumping my dh again lol. 

    I'm so glad to see progress in ur hcg @Emmy012 @RememberToBreathe u both are on my mind! Stay strong. 
  • Hey loves, I know I've been quiet. I'm just sitting in it. 

    But I'm so happy to see these great line progressions!! @Emmy012 and @RememberToBreathe ❤️ it's looking so good!! 

    @MissM2203 how are you doing? Still testing?
    @LouTTC83 how are you? Did you test again?

    @Aliciab90 I wish I could give you a great big hug. It's gotta be so hard not being able to talk to oh for fear he will stop trying altogether. You've been ttc so long, but get such few chances. It's just not fair. I'm always here if you need to talk. 

    @ginajolly90 you're always so sweet and so positive! I wish I had your attitude. 

    @VRob123 I hope you are doing well. ❤️

    @sr19 I've been thinking about you. 

    I'm having a lot of weird pains again. It feels like stabbing pains around where I believe my ovaries are, and occasionally some pain in my back. I had similar pain last week and I thought maybe my body was trying to ovulate but my temperature never went up to confirm. I think it's trying to OV again. I had another high-peak opk yesterday and the pain today. I won't know till my temp confirms. I've been able to rely on my body like clockwork for the last year and a half, so this new different pain and struggle to ovulate is upsetting. DH said its immediately after my body went thru a trauma, and I should give myself a break. I know he's right, but it's hard to not feel scared and question what this means for the future. My head's projecting wondering if I'll struggle to OV each month, or if I'm going to have painful ov and possibly even more painful af. I just feel like I'm falling back into self pity. 
    Regardless of the projection/ fear I'd like to figure out my OV bc dh and I can BD again after Sunday, but I can't start bc until my cd1 and if I can't confirm ov, we have to either abstain (not happening) or use condoms (really don't want to do that) 
  • @PinkSnow410 so ur not allowed to get pregnant?
  • @ginajolly90 It’ll be a beautiful wedding in September no matter the weather, 2 souls coming together create their own sunshine. Please share pictures if you’re comfortable, love a wedding ❤️

    Cycle 7 already, wow that’s flown by. Hopefully it’ll be the last cycle 🤞

    @PinkSnow410 thank you for asking after me, I’m well thank you, think about you often. Did I read right that you’re back at work now? Are you still working for that lazy couple? Sending lots of love to you, wishing you a swift recovery mentally and physically. You’ll be able to ttc in no time, when your body is ready xxx 
  • @PinkSnow410 it is crap, Most of the months we haven’t been using BC, we have missed our chance too so it’s literally so so few chances. I just wish he would go with it fully 😞 he is like a rollercoaster 

    @MadDoda I asked him last night if he doesn’t fancy me anymore, and he said his knee is hurting and “I can’t do what I want to do” and “I feel like I want to and then lost interest”
    I was thinking oh wow charming! 
  • Thanks @MadDoda temp’d this morning but didn’t test which I’m very proud of! Think I am going to stop temping now:

  • Good Morning everyone :)

    @PinkSnow410, I did my last clear blue digital test (hopefully) yesterday. It said pregnant 3+ so I called the doctors to let them know. Think next step is a call from midwife but probably not for a couple of weeks. I think I will be 6+2 today. Thank you for asking after me. 

    @Aliciab90, I know how you feel, my hubby said to come off bc beginning of December but there was always something that stopped us from bd until last month. Hope everything works out for you soon 🥰

    I had such a difficult day with my little girl yesterday, nothing made her happy. She is bored with lockdown, me and hubby are both working from home and looking after her but I only have to do a few hours a day. The second he took her out on the bike she was super happy. It just made me feel like the useless parent :( xx
  • @ginajolly90 yay a September wedding! I always wanted an Autumn wedding but we got engaged at the beginning of October and I couldn’t have waited eleven months so we went for February instead 🥶

    @PinkSnow410 I know it’s easy for me to say but please try not to worry too much right now. You went though pretty major surgery, your body is trying to readjust and it might take a little time. Your DH is spot on and you need to give yourself a break xx

    @Aliciab90 I’m sure he didn’t mean lose interest in you and was just referring to the act because he couldn’t not focus on his knee. Is this why he’s been off work? With his knee? Are your temps still suggesting you’re pre-ov? I hope he feels up to it soon xx

    @LouTTC83 I have no experience with children obviously but I walk our dog every day, almost always feed him in the mornings, take him to the vets and basically make sure he’s well and healthy. He still
    prefers DH. I try not to take it personally 😂

    @Lonestar I’m sorry you still feel like you don’t have any answers x
  • @PinkSnow410 oh sweetheart ❤️ it's still early days and your body is still healing, it's got to get back into a rhythm. I know it sucks not having that sure knowledge about your body, but you will have a new normal and it will be OK.

    @Aliciab90 I'm sorry you're having problems with bd again, I'm sure he still fancies you, he's just over thinking it again 😔 men don't half have their moments. 
  • @RememberToBreathe yeh he is still of, it’s quite a bad sprain. He is also trying to find a new job again so he doesn’t have to go back when he is healed. Yeh my temps are stabilising which is usually a sign of OV coming....still low. It would be amazing if I OV in the next couple of days because it’s almost unheard of for me, but would be a shame to miss the opportunity 

    @Emmy012 come to think of it, most of the upset I’ve had in life has been men related.....there is definitely a pattern!
  • @Aliciab90 I think most of any woman's upset in life is from men! I really hope he gets his butt in gear ASAP! 
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