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Trying and not giving up! - Part 4



  • Oh I'm sorry about dh. That stinks. I'm sure he'll get something soon!! @MadDoda
    So if no AF by tomorrow... Might have happened 😬 or is my math wrong? Totally possible. My acne is Terrible rn 🤦 hasn't been this bad in years 😭
  • @PinkSnow410 oh i mis read it....hope he feels better soon....

    @Rachel.a21 oh no.......a 6 year old :( thats scary ......and they havent released any info about the cases here
  • @PinkSnow410 well I hope he will get it coz we aren't in the best situation right now, but it's manageable still. Well with 16 days lp my af should be Max on Wednesday, but my dates maybe wrong too. My acne is terrible since i was teenager I was eating to get bc to treat it, but couldn't until now. Hopefully will start it soon, only time my skin was good was when I was pregnant. Everyone reacts differently to hormonal changes. Hope urs will clear up when progesterone will platoue 
  • just read our news article it was 3 men 63 66 and 60 years old and a 58 year old women....apparently there are 4 cases .....the ohio health website only shows 3....they are all in home quarantine so no hospitalizations yet....but apparently they look to see mre bc they are waiting for tests to come back from 1-2weeks ago.....the lack of tests will make the problem bigger in the long run
  • Gov. Wolf just pushed back pa schools to April 6th now. I'm sure it will change again. 
  • @Catlady220 the 6 year old has cystic fibrosis too 😔 we have 2 deaths as of now from it, both elderly with underlying health conditions. Just so sad
  • @MadDoda My skin broke out so bad in the first trimester 😩 it was like a new break out every day. I’m so glad it went away 
  • @Rachel.a21 theres 6 deaths in my state but none in my town
  • UK has just about gone in to lockdown, closure of non-essential shops, staying home apart from shopping, work (if absolutely necessary) and out once a day for exercise. No gathering of more than 2 people, So I guess schools will have to shut completely?? Who knows 🤷‍♀️
  • SR19SR19 Regular
    edited Mar 23, 2020 9:28PM
    @VRob123 confusing isn’t it! Telling key workers they have childcare but actually that goes against all borris’ points... 

    i am waiting to hear from my work. We aren’t essential, but heard nothing yet.  People are a little confused by what he means by ‘essential’ work.
  • Our government put out a list eventually. First it was just a suggestion. And nobody took it. Then they mandated it and put out a list. Hopefully you'll get more clarity soon 
  • our schools arent going back at all this school year
  • I hope so because no one knows if they should be going to work and what’s classed as ‘essential’. I know keyworkers/front line staff are essential and I’m more than happy to stay home but I’d quite like my work to actually confirm I can stay home 🙈    
  • call ur boss n ask.....@sr19
  • @Catlady220 I don’t have their details. It’s a big firm.  I have to wait for someone to contact me. 
  • @SR19 what do u do???
  • @Catlady220 I’m a secretary at a law firm. Still not heard anything so sounds like I’ll either get an early wake up call or will be expected to turn up.. probably to be sent home. 
  • SR19 said:
    @Catlady220 I’m a secretary at a law firm. Still not heard anything so sounds like I’ll either get an early wake up call or will be expected to turn up.. probably to be sent home. 
    @SR19, that’s really crappy that they haven’t been in touch to clarify your work situation yet.  Do they have an HR manager you could contact? Stay safe! X
  • @SR19 a sure they will say it essential
  • @SR19 yes it’s confusing, you don’t want to not go in so they still pay you. You need clarification of pay and time off, I completely get it. 🤦‍♀️
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