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Trying and not giving up! - Part 4



  • @Catlady220 nope not essential. 
    It’s trade marking, patent, copyright etc.  Non essential law in my opinion. Things can wait or be done from home by the fee earners.

    @KiwiMoomin @VRob123 I have to go in today. I’ve text lots of the ladies I work with and we’re expected to go as normal until told otherwise. See what happens today. 
  • @sr19 that's so frustrating! I hate that they weren't in communication with you the whole time. Some businesses treat their employees horribly! Ugh. I hope you find out today what to expect. I guess things are changing so often, it could easily change again and again

    I hope you all have a happy Tuesday! ❤️
  • @PinkSnow410 how are you doing hun? Yes I’ve got chickens, and dogs and a turtle .... it goes on 🤣. Just been digging the allotment over ready for carrots, leeks, onions etc... got a load of seeds already set in the greenhouse and have sorted the bee hive out 🙈. 
  • Oh how I love your life!! @VRob123 I want chickens and bees!! So cool! We live in a town tho. We have a nice big back and front yard and there are woods across the front Street from us, but we are still in Canonsburg proper so we don't know if we can legally have either. I think it'd be so great if we could!  Plus we rent our home so there's that 🤣 but my landlord is my neighbor and she's kinda a hippie chic. J bet she'd be down with getting chickens. 🤔 Haha now you've got my wheels turning 🙃
  • Another day without period, it's teasing me big time. 
  • Oh @MadDoda can you order hpt delivery? Or are you just sticking it out. At what point are you supposed to start your bc?
  • @PinkSnow410 I believe it will arrive just having fun with me. I start cd1
  • Yes, my body loved having fun with me too 😭 I'm sorry @MadDoda sending you hugs
  • @PinkSnow410 yes chickens are great! And very therapeutic. Did you stop taking your temp in the end?X 

    @[email protected] our bodies always seem to screw up just when we don’t want it to 🤦‍♀️ Hope you get the outcome you want xx 
  • No @VRob123 I'm still temping 🤦 also still testing every few days. It helps me stay calm. If that changes, I'll stop. I'm sure at some point I'll get sick of temping. It's not like I can tell anything. I do like making sure I don't have a fever too since that's important. If I had a fever I'd have to call off work and would want to give them a heads-up as soon as possible. Although nowthat I'm mentioning it I have no idea how resting temp varies from regular temp when you have a fever? I'd assume itd be abnormally high for my bbt and that'd clue me in. 🤷 I really have no idea what I'm doing 😅
  • @PinkSnow410 anything to stop you going crazy. ❤️
  • @PinkSnow410 how’re your tests looking?
  • @Aliciab90 I messaged you ❤️
  • @SR19 what is considered essential to the government is usually way more than what u stores  are still open here and gamestop and pet stores.....i dont think these are essential but they are to them.......we were told to come in until further notice
  • That's funny GameStop is open in Ohio. Gov wolf ordered them to shit down here. They kept refusing and now they can't operate in PA anymore 🤣 wild. 
  • Wow GameStop? Our whole mall shut down today lol it’s weird what different states say is essential
  • That was it, we had to go in for one day to close files down etc. Off now for at least 3 weeks.
  • @SR19 are they paying you?
  • @PinkSnow410 yes, I’m able to get the furloughed worker pay.
    I would have been ok if I didn’t earn for a few months but after that savings would take a hit so much better now we get paid, one less thing to think about!

    Companies have the option to top it up by 20% to give you the full 100% pay per month but my company isn’t doing that, so just get the 80%.
  • I'm glad you are getting something!!
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