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Need advice on PCOS

Hi ladies,
I have just popped over from the TTC forum for some advice.
Have been TTC for nearly 3 months now and have been recently diagnosed with PCOS so we know that we might have a long road ahead of us. Due to the PCOS I am having really long cycles and currently on CD 85. Just wanted to know if its normal with it to have spotting in between AF's as I have been having it now for near enough a month on and off, although it's brown spotting not red.
I have been getting it during every cycle since I stopped taking my pills in December 07 although every cycle before this one I would get brown spotting for a week or so and then Af would arrive full flow for about another week, but this cycle as I said before I have been having the spotting for nealry a month now and AF has still not arrived!
Is this normal?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks. xxx


  • Hi Sweetie

    I'm in a similar situation. Have been told that it looks like I have PCOS. My Mum had it so it's very likely, only thing that worked for her was Clomid.

    Always have loads of spotting, occasionly in the middle of my cycle. One cycle I had I didn't really stop spotting and then went straight into another period.

    While I'm waiting for my next appointment I'm taking extra b6 to see if this may help regulate me as I've had cycles ranging from 26 to 60+ days!

  • hi
    i have pcos.
    i've had the painfully long cycles and had the brown spotting execting to see af but then nothing. i know how you feel, you see the spotting and think great af if finally going to arrive then nothing. its so annoying. my cycles are down to about 55 days now i'm on metformin and i'm hoping this one will be shorter still.
    have you been giving any meds for your pcos?
  • Yes i have been prescribed clomid so going to start taking that real soon, i also have 2 weeks worth of progesterone to take before to bring on AF then have to take clomid on CD1-CD 2. I'm so relieved that something is being done about it and the ball is rolling.
  • Hi there, I don't know much about PCOS so can't offer you any advice on that one, but would like to wish you lots of luck with TTC x
  • Hey thanks very much for your reply. xxx
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