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Anyone know how Mrs Hopeful is too?

Thinking of you too Mrs H. I know you had such difficult news, but in case you pop on still we're all thinking of you and hoping there is a way forward for you.



  • yeah mrs H thinking of you and hope youare keeping well xx
  • Thinking of you too hun, you have my email if you need to chat.

  • Hi Mrs Hopeful we won't forget you. If you are still popping on her occasionally I hope you are doing okay xxxxxxxxxxx
  • Yes hope you and dh are taking good care of each other and are both ok xx
  • Sending my love and best wishes xxxxx
  • Aaahhhh ladies, that has warmed my heart that you have been thinking about me!

    Well, I'm back!!! Sorry I have been off for such a long time but really needed to get my head sorted.

    So, had my HSG and have now had an MRI scan too and it is confirmed that I have a unicornuate uterus (half size) and one fallopian tube. The ovary and fallopian tube seem to be working well and there is no reason that I should have sub fertility with it (even though it has been nearly two and half years now!!!).

    I am resigned to the fact that if we want our little bubba then we have to go through the risk of pregnancy. There is still roughly 50/50 chance that I will be able to carry beyond 24 weeks. However, the more goes I have the better it should be. I know that sounds harsh but we have to be realistic that we may lose our first (when we get there!!).

    DH has had more SA and they have improved massively!! Up from 13million to 38 million and from 38% motility to 45% motility so they now say he is 'normal'.

    However, our local PCT cannot determine between good swimmers and poor swimmers; only moving or not. So we are going to go private for a more in depth test because IUI might be an option for us.

    Also, in our PCT we need to be 35-39 for IVF (I'm 31) butu that is changing in Dec this year so we will be referred at the end of November for IVF but we want to see if IUI is an option first.

    Although things are still not great at our end, I am much more positive about the situation. DH is the love of my life and is completely with me on this and really I couldn't ask for much more (other than a baby!!).

    My eldest sister has also agreed that she will be surrogate if we need her to be so I have to look at all the positives really.

    I haven't been able to read all the posts but have flicked through. My computer seems to be mega slow at the mo! Hope I haven't missed anything mega but if I have please let me know!

    Hope you are all keeping well and I have seen that there are a number of newbees of here.

    Love to you all and sorry for the essay I have just penned!!

  • Oh hun so glad ur back and sounding much more hopeful (like ur name!).

    I'd been debating whether to email you and see how you were but wasn't sure what kind of place your head was in or whether i'd be the "type" of person u'd want to hear from!

    i really don't know enough about your condition to know what to suggest or comment on, but i do know the womb is an amazing thing and what with medicine and technology constantly advancing i'm sure you'll be in the best hands what ever your journey has to hold.

    Love Lilac*
  • Hey Jen, thanks for posting. I was in a bit of a 'bad' place for a while but you just have to bounce back, don't you?

    Noticed on another thread that you're going to have one of each!! How amazing! I am so very pleased for you.

    My best friend had a baby two weeks ago and I was really concerned that it would hurt like hell but it hasn't at all. She's asked me and DH to be god parents and I can't get enough of him!

    Hope things are well with you.

    I'm on gardening leave now so will be getting a new email address pretty soon. Let's hope I don't have to change my BE account too!

    Lovely to hear from you.
  • Just a quickie, but I wanted to send you an extra special hug! I'm glad to see you back, you sound wonderfully positive, and I missed you x x
  • Hi Gypsy. Thanks hun. It's good to be back (sort of!). How's things with you?

  • aw chick so glad you are feeling more positive, i think when you can get all the facts and weigh up your options etc it is far 'easier' (i use thid term very lightly ) to deal with, and how fab is your big sister??!!!! at least that is an option to use and I have to say after my own experiences and the experiences of others on here more so than ever i would consider surrogcy if a close friend of mine needed how wonderful to give some one the gift of life??!! sending you lots and lots of love and in the nicest possible way hope you dont need to take you sister up on her offer, big kiss to yo xx
  • Hey Moonbean, nice to 'see' you again! Thanks for your lovely words. My sister is great, isn't she??!! I too hope that I don't have to use her.

    How's things with you?

  • Mrs Hopeful :\) :\) :\) :\) :\)

    So lovely to see you back (though wouldn't obviously rather you didn't have to be on LTTTC). Sounds as if you've made so much progress and sometimes it's more about us getting our heads around everything and moving on mentally I think. How fantastic of your sister, that must be so lovely just to know she'd do that for you. I suspect my sister would do the same but she's tiny and HB and I are pretty tall so I'm not sure she'd physically be able to!!

    So great that you're not sub fertile and with much better results for your HB you're in with a real chance of a natural pg - how exciting!! I'm sure the thought of a MC is really scary but you sound as if you're dealing with it all really well.

    We're doing ok. Had our first IVF and unfortunately it didn't work for us. Planning the next cycle for October though, so not giving up yet!! Will look forward to a proper catch up soon.

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