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Goodbye for Now

Hi Ladies

I have decided to take a break from the forum and TTC after all the tests and procedures we have been through since March 08 all I think about are babies and when ours will arrive (planning the EDD on the first date of every af).

Well my work has started suffering not to mention my relationship with my husband (2 year anniversary next Monday), as all I think about of every waking/sleeping minute of everyday is babies.

I realise this is not healthy and I wish you all the best of luck TTC.

All the best



  • Oh Sarah - you will be missed but I understand. I'm sure a break will do you and your OH the world of good and who knows you might be back with a BFP before too long - you must let us know when you do!
    Take care of yourself xxxx
  • Oh Sarah, we are going to miss you but i totally understand. Just make sure you come back and tell us when you get your BFP stress free. Good luck and have fun. Sxx
  • Ohh hunni, we all totally understand! I hope the break gives you time to relax and a stress free atmosphere for you and oh. Take care, hope to see you soon with a bfp, love Debs xxxx
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