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TMI - bad smell

hi ladies, im really sorry about this post.
TMI- but i have a really embarrassing smell at the momoent. its really weird, its a cross between poo and ewcm and a bizzare odd smell. its so embarrassing, i only smell it when im naked or have hardly any clothes on. hubby noticedi t last night, ive had it for a couple of days now. surrently on CD 18 of 28. ive tried washing more regularly (morning, noon and after dinner, then again before bed at 9.30ish) and it is still there, surely it cant be my hygeine like i say im washing loads and i have a bath/shower every night!!!
it is coming form my private parts
it really upsetting me, sitting crying on the sofa at the moment!
any ideas ladies?? sorry TMI.
Mrs E xx

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  • hi it could be BV (bacterial vaginosis sp) i have had this a couple of times its something to do with and imbalance of bacteria. smells like something crawled up me and died!!! just a course of pills and it was gone. think you can now get them over the counter but best to check thats what it is first.
  • thank you very much , ill call my docs now xx
  • Good luck mrs E

    As the girls said best to check with the GP and they should be able to help with the appropriate antibiotics
    Take care
  • dont wory mrs like the other girsl said prob just a wee infection very easy to pick up hope you get sorted xx
  • Ahh hun.. don't ever be embarrassed ((big hugs))..
    Hope you get an appt... Also try and google bacterial infection and if think its that, but can't get an appt to see the doctor you can get Canesten over the counter. They do all different types, oral tablets, creams and internal tablets... all depends on what you think will be best for you..
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