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Bad News :(

Hi ladies

Sorry i haven't been on much the past week or so have been mega busy! I hope you are all ok.

I've just got off the phone from the Dr as she phoned with hubbys SA results and they aren't good :cry:
Apparently he has low motility. I didn't get the percentages off her as I was too busy trying not to cry down the phone so i'll get him to phone her back when he gets back form work on thursday.

We have to wait for our referal now but won't get an appointment until september/october time. He'll have to do a 2nd sample too. Im devastated. I thought it was just me with the problem and that I could be fixed. Looks like its alot more complicated now. Plus I now have to tell him the news.

what are we going to do :cry:

ETS I phoned her back as I wanted a couple of things clarified. Its not just the motility its all of it really but we need to see what the 2nd sample brings and the fertility dr will go through all the percentages etc with us. What she did say was normal forms need to be 15% or over and his is 3%.

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  • Hiya, just thought i would send you some big hugs and to say to try and keep your chin up.I don't know too much about sa as i'm the one thats broken!. But from what i've read on here sometimes there is an improvement on the 2nd sample test and there are some vitamins that will help? I'm sure some of the girlies will be able to help you better than i can, just wanted to say i'm thinking of you!!!

    luv evie xxxx
  • Hiya...... sorry to hear your news about the results x x
    It may be worth asking your doc to get 2 more samples tested as then they can get an average from all 3 samples, i know a few couples have had this done!
    Like Evie says look into some vitamin supplements i'm sure there are some available for the men in our lives,if i find some i'll post a link on here for you x x

    I found one....... try this website! :\)

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  • Hi hon,

    Sorry to hear that, I went through the same thing earlier this year, I have looked through my old posts and found this below, i wrote it after we got the results to our second test.. you can see the diff for your self. I know everybodys different, but i thought you might like to know there still hope!

    quote]I've actually had some news that has changed my situation slightly. My husband recently went for another test and his results came back much improved, well within the normal limits. Obviously I am over the moon, it is the first bit of good news we have had in months and months.

    For those who are interested

    His count went from 7ml to 63ml
    and morph went from 98% abnormal to 84% abnormal
    mot went from 40 to 48 motile.

    The doc's said the first test could have been dodgy due to his performance (having to do the deed in hosp), but also DH has quit alcohol and has lost 10lb and had been taking zinc and multi vit's as well as eating loads of brazil nuts to boost selinium (or something like that!)

    Hope this helps... i know loads of girls on here have been in similar situations, im sure they will share there own expereinces.

    Good Luck

    Gem x

  • Thanks ladies. I have him on wellman vitamins at the moment and will look into the ones Glenns angel has posted. Thats really positive Gem78 thanks! Fingers crossed the 2nd sample will be better. We'll get the full information at the fertility clinic I just hate the waiting! xx
  • Really sorry to read this shell. Accunpuncture might be something that you want to have a look into. It's been proven to be effective where male fertility is concerned. My hubby loved it - found it hugely relaxing.

    Also, I posted last week about our SA (they went from bad to worse despite us managing to conceive!). Our consultant said that, basically, SA results need to be taken with a HUGE dose of salt as the artificiality of the collection of the specimen can create hugely misleading results. That's not to say that they won't act on the results if they're low BUT there's a good chance they will be different next time and there's every possibility inbetween that his swimmers will do their job.

    Good luck chick x
  • GRR..I replied to this earlier and BE ate it! Basically what I was saying is...shellk, really sorry to hear that the news was not good. But I echo what others have may just be a bad sample, there is plenty you can do, it only takes ONE good swimmer etc.... I know it is a horrible shock and awful news to receive hon, but if in any way possible try to focus on getting you hubbie on vitamins, improving lifestyle if he has any bad habits, and continue to kayecee says it could very well still happen naturally. My hubbie has now had 2 bad s/a. Try to get your hubbie to do another one - hopefully it may have improved after a few months of trying to improve them. I will bump up my agglutination thread for you as gemsicles posted a list of vitamins for me. My hubbie not agreed to take them yet...still a work in progress! xx
  • Thanks ladies for the advice. Its going to be a looooong wait until the fertility clinic appointment when we will be given the full picture. Will look out for the post tinybabydancer xx
  • It's such a shock when the results don't come back as you wanted, and I'm sorry to hear this has happened to you. However, you really need to get 3 SA results in order to get a true average (that's what we were told anyway). And hubby needs to space the samples apart by a good few weeks too (i.e. don't try to do all three in the space of just a couple of weeks).

    My hubby is pretty fit and exercises anyway, but I've also got him on multivits, drinking more water, keeping mobile phone out of his pocket, not using laptop on his lap near his man-bits (!), cutting down on caffeine. I've also asked him to cut down on alcohol, which he has done (tends to stick to the beers when he goes out now rather than getting involved in doing silly shots etc). All of these little lifestyle changes can help.

    When is your appointment? Don't give up trying in the meantime. If anything you need to go for it even more, then you know you're doing everything you possibly can to maximise your chances of conceiving naturally. xx
  • Hi ShellK,

    Sorry to hear the bad news but I echo all the ladies on here that there are things you can do to improve the situation for your OH. My acupuncturist recommended a blast of the testicles with cold water in the shower every day!! Not that much fun but she swears it works!! Also, actually having acupuncture as someone else said would be good too. I have it for my PCOS and I really enjoy it. New sperm takes 90 days to be 'made' so any changes will take 3 months to show through but I am sure with additional vitamins (zinc I know is the main one but there are lots - see Gem78's post), giving up (or cutting down on) caffeine, alcohol, and eating healthily you will see an improvement. Heat is bad so no laptops actually on his lap and cotton rather than synthetic underwear.

    Good luck sweetie and I know it's hard but don't despair. Make a few small changes now and then as you say you'll know more when you have your next appointment.

    S xx
  • Thanks ladies. It was a shock because I just assumed we hadn't conceived because I was broken and he had to have a SA as routine in order to get me refered. The Dr said I should get my appointment in september/october time. Hubby is doing the SA next week so 2 weeks after the 1st one. She said asap so they have that result in time for the clinic appointment.

    He always puts his laptop on his knee (but on a tray) and he swears its not hot near his man bits but it'll be banned now!!! We are both going to cut down on alcohol and we don't have alot of caffine as I buy caffine free coke and neither of us really drink regular tea and never coffee (oh rarely, i hate it!) We have green tea mainly which is very low caffine and well under the reccomended amount when ttc.

    Sarah your post made me LOL i shall tell him to blast himself with freezing water every day! Don't think it'll go down well! ha ha!

    One things for sure i'll be a nervous wreck when we do get our appointment date through! xxx
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