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need some help with the pma after latest test results

Hi ladies

I was wondering if anyone could help, as I'm pretty low at the moment. Our latest round of tests detected that my FSH was 12.6 which consultant said was too high, and also DH's sperm had poor mobility and poor morphology. I'm really scared as have read on the internet that when you have high FSH IVF is often refused or unsuccessful (consultant said next step was referral to IVF clinic). So, anyone else out there have experience of this and are there any natural ways that I could help hubby's swimmers along or make my eggs the best quality they can be?

A very sad me!



  • Hi Maddy

    I'm really sorry to hear you have had a setback. It's a horrible shock to get bad news.

    First off - as with all tests, there is always scope for wonky results, so if the tests are redone in a couple of months' time, you might get a different outcome (for either of you).

    My OH has less than brilliant motility (anywhere between 25-50%), and his morphology has ranged from 94 to 96% abnormal. So not great numbers. There are stories of ladies getting their BFP naturally even with numbers worse than these, as it only takes one. I had a natural BFP last year (although I had an early MC). It can be done! As age isn't on our side though (I'm 35, DH 37) we are having IVF. For ICSI, they literally only need one healthy sperm per egg, so that gets over a lot of issues with SA results. I'm not saying it's an easy option, but there are options and it's amazing what the doctors can do.

    With your FSH, I have heard these levels can vary, and can be affected by stress. There is a thread over on the IVF board about improving FSH levels naturally: I think different clinics have different policies on FSH levels, so that's worth checking out.

    I doubt if this has helped much as it is terribly hard to get bad results. Please try to make sure you are talking to your OH, as he may be feeling pretty hopeless and lost right now. Comfort each other, and take it one step at a time. As you get closer to your appointment at the fertility clinic, work out your questions so you can understand all your options.

    And remember, there are others in a similar boat to you here who you can lean on.
  • Hey Maddy, so sorry to hear about the results you've had. As MrsD says it is always hard to get this kind of news. I totally agree with the advice she's already given so won't repeat it all. But just to add a couple of things that my cons sais that often there is a bit of a problem with the male and female and with a little bit of help it can be solved.
    As MrsD also says FSH is known to vary quite a lot. Some clinics do have 'cut-off' points for when they will treat you with IVF, but not all do. AMH is now thought to be a more reliable test of ovarian reserve and therefore response to IVF, however you may have to get this done privately. It would be worth it though if it gave you some peace of mind. My hubbie's sperm was low in virtually all areas and ICSI worked very succesfully for us as all 7 of my eggs fertilised. When is your nest appt with your cons to discuss the next steps and an opportunity to ask these kinds of questions? Loads of luck hon xx
  • Hi

    Thanks Mrs D and TBD you have cheered me up a bit, I was really down when we heard. Your advice is all good- going to Holland and Barrett tonight to get OH some vitamins and feeling a bit better now. Good advice about the questions, I didn't ask hardly any questions on Monday because I was trying so hard not to cry - silly really but I just couldn't keep my head straight when he was going through the results.... We haven't got our next appt through yet as we have to wait for him to refer us (the hospital gynae dept we are under refer to another fertility clinic for IVF??) so no doubt more tests await.

    Re FSH going up and down- I had a test back in August which I think was under the level (consultant said at the time it was fine??) but had to have them re-done in October (as the dr who originally sent me for them had messed up and I'd had my 21 day progesterone test on Day 2...) They re-did all of them rather than just the one I needed and that's when it's come back as too high. OH says I should have another one, but I can't face it going up even further..I might check out getting that AMH test done privately though.

    TBD- Congrats on your wishes for a H&H 9 months. When are you due? Has it sunk in yet???? I can't even imagine getting there at the moment- I don't think I'd know what to do with myself

    Mrs D - loads of luck for your IVF- how far are you through???

    Thanks for the advice, it really makes a difference having the support on here...


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