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Sick and Tired of this

Hi Ladies

Well Af arrived so im into month 21 ttc im starting to think that ill never get pregnant and never have my own child. I just dont know if i can keep putting myself through this. Im just so sick and tired of everything, my friend has just had a baby and my other friend is due November. All our friends have children.

Im just feeling sorry for myself sorry for moaning.

jen xx


  • Hey - you should maon away if it helps you get feelings out. We're all here to listen. I know how you feel - I've been feeling very teary last few days in particular - anything sets me off and my heart literally aches with wanting a child of my own.
    Lots of people just assume it's easy for everyone and it isn't and it really hurts doesn't it? Just the longing - it just tears me apart inside.

    I know it probably won't help but there are others out there that know how you feel, I guess we have to try and put those feelings aside - trouble is none of us know how long for and then it starts all over again!

    Sorry I havn't been much help, it's just your post rang true with me - but if you do ever need to vent then feel free. I learnt something this weekend though - and that's my family is there for me and love me. I thought I couldn't tell them but I found the courage to tell them this weekend and was surprised to learn that they wish I had told them earlier and said I should have done and they were upset that I hadn't told them earlier. It's a big help it really is and if you haven;t told your family/loved ones I would say to you DO so. It might be just what you need and they might just surprise you with hoe understanding they are.

    Hope you feel better soon and sorry to go on - it's hard to put down the right words sometimes
  • Hi Jen, I am sorry to hear you are feeling like this, although its totally understandable. It is really hard when people around you are having babies. I know a few people that are close to me that have had babies in the past year and although I have been happy for them I felt jealous too. and felt sorry for myself as well. AF showing always feels like a knock back for me too and it does seem like a vicious cycle.
    I think you have got another appointment with the fertility clinic soon haven't you? If so maybe that will help bring that PMA back, as in my experience those sort of things (now i have got used to the idea that help is needed) makes me feel like things are moving forward and hopefully it will be the same for you.
    Please don't be sorry for moaning, at least we can understand what each other is going through and I really do believe that it will happen for us.
    You take care and don't hesitate to let it all out on here x :\)
  • Thanks for the replies girlies.

    Popsicle - my mum knows and my two friends know i started ttc well before they did and theres werent even planned. Its good cause they dont ask or i dont have to explain. But i think its even worse when people that hardly know you ask.

    Hope4bambino - yes got next hospital appointment November when hopefully they will put me on clomid but i must admit im frightened at what if this doesnt work (i know im getting ahead of myself) then wot do i do.

    I know i have to give myself a shake and start all over again.

    thanks again ladies.

    jen xx
  • Hey Jen,

    Moan away! I know I need to stop quoting her :roll: but Zita says that af time is a time to relax, take it easy, and take stock. I interpret this as sit on the couch, eat lots of chocolate and sweets and drink wine - I think you're allowed to be sad, so let yourself have a few fed up days and then just pick yourself up and start again next month. I find that really helps thinking that way. If I give myself permission to mope about but a deadline for when it stops i feel soooo much better.

    Feel free to complain whenever you like - I think we're the only ones who can relate to it sometimes.

    Rach xx
  • I totally understand how you are feeling and have been TTC since November 06 myself.

    I (stupidly) thought it would happen relatively quickly, but it didn't and as the time has passed, I have been through much the same emotions as other ladies one here.

    I really believe that it's a waiting game and in a society where we can more or less have what we want, when we want it, it is hard to accept that the biggest thing we want is out of our control!!!

    Try to focus on you and your partner, as the last thing you want is your relationship to suffer - consider this as the time you are "supposed" to have to enjoy as a couple! It's the only way I have managed to keep my chin up!!! Hope you start to feel a bit better soon.

    Take care x
  • Sending you a big hug Jen- wish I could help you but I know there is nothing in the world that will make you feel better apart from a baby.
    Been there.
  • Hi Jen, I hope you are feeling better about things and that you have a nice weekend x
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